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Hi, thanks for stopping by to check out Review-Corner. Review guru, Rhonda, at your service. So a bit about myself. I wear tons of different hats! I live on a small farm in Tennessee with my husband and teenage son. We have 10 sheep and 50+ chickens. We, our at least my husband and I, are hoping to soon have rabbits, pigs and my favorite COWS! In addition to this blog, I also write a farming blog Saving-Sanity.rhondafmeadows.com where I go more into detail about my farm adventures. If you like farm stories check that one out as well. I absolutely love both my blogs! I get to share my experiences while enjoying my hobby of writing and photography. Enough about me as an individual, lets talk about reviewing! After all I think that is why you’re here.

I have been reviewing products for a few years off and on. I began writing reviews for other review sites and blogs. I also wrote many articles, on the sadly now vaporized, Helium Knowledge. Sharing my knowledge with others is something I love to do. Why let someone else make the same mistake you did if you can help keep them from it?

I wanted to reconnect with my blogging passion and help others discover products, places, etc. This blog has been hanging around for a few years, kinda just waiting for me to make the decision to REALLY use it. So I recently made that decision. I have made a commitment to be more consistent. Now you can find a new review here every Wednesday. If you follow me on social media you may see it termed as “WOW Wednesday.” I am pretty excited about it to say the least.

The Review-Corner Mission

Review-Corner has been designed in an effort to help consumers learn about products, dining, or places that they are:

  • researching
  • looking to buy/try
  • curious about

I hope you find the reviews help with your purchasing needs. Whether it be something you have been eyeing and just wondering if it is really worth the investment, something you’re needing, or a place you are thinking about visiting. Let’s face it we all want to save time and money and that is what we hope to help you do.

Review-Corner also has a mission to help companies get their products advertised and into the hands of consumers. If your product is not getting eyes on it, no matter how good it is, it’s not benefiting anyone. Size and name of your company does not matter at Review-Corner. I work with big name well established companies on new product releases as well as small new businesses with product releases.

So there it is, who we are and what we do. I hope you find Review-Corner very beneficial for your needs.

Have questions about Review-Corner please check out our FAQ section.

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