How do I find What I Need Here?

I review lots of different things from travel and dining to skincare and home products. It could be one large mess of content without a bit of planning. I have tried to make finding what you need easy by using the category feature when I write a review. You can narrow your search even more by using tags and keywords.

You would like to find reviews on nail wraps. You would look under the beauty category. Then you can hone in on nail wraps by looking at tags nail wraps, nail care, beautiful nails, etc. Nail wraps would be your most beneficial keyword if that was the ONLY thing you want to read about. Using the other keywords would bring up other items such as gel polish, nail dips, etc.

So What if a Product is not Found Here?

So there is something that you are tempted to throw your money at but I haven’t reviewed it. Before you drop those bills, contact me. I will see what I can do to get the information you need. I might even be able to reach out to some of my connections and review the product for you. If I have prior knowledge I will tell you my PERSONAL experience. Unless you ask, you never know.

“I will not be able to review every request but that does not mean I can’t still help” Rhonda

How Do You Get Your Product Reviewed

If you have a product you would like for me to review, contact me. You will be able to find all my contact information at Contact Rhonda@ Review-Corner here on the blog. Please see below for the criteria I need you to include in your message or email. Please include the following:

Who you are and the company you represent
The product you would like me to review
Links to the product, so I can see what it is and such
Any guidelines or requirements you have
How you plan for me to get the product
If there will be any charge for the product or if it is free for the review

None of these are a deal breaker. It just gives me a heads up to who I am working with and what will be required on my end to make the transaction fall into place.

I will send you a follow up to let you know my decision on your offer as well as any guidelines and requirements that I may have. We can then work together to make the review happen. Upfront I am fair and willing to work with you.