Money Saving Apps that Really Work

How many of us out there does not like to save a little money while we shop? I know that I do! I have saved over $200 with just the use of 3 simple apps that are all free to download and takes just a few minutes to use! If this is something you would like to learn about continue reading but if you would not like to save a few cents here and a few dollars there while you shop then by all means don’t waste anymore of your time learning about this process.
The firstsaving catcher, and probably my most favorite of the apps that I use to save money while shopping is WalMart’s Savings Catcher. I know not everyone is going to shop at Walmart because lets just face it, not everyone likes or supports this shopping venue, and if you do not you may skip to the next app because this one will do you little to no good. If you do shop at Walmart though please continue on from this point. This is a free app that you can download free from your app store on your phone or you can sign up for an account at also free. The reason I love this app so much is it literally takes seconds to use! I get my receipt from the cashier, hit my icon on my phone to log in to my savings catcher account and then simply scan the little querty barcode on the bottom of the receipt. It will come up and tell you how many competitors are in the area that the prices will be compared to and that the receipt is being processed. Should the barcode not scan do not panic your shopping has not been in vain it will only take a few minutes longer to key in the receipt number and have your receipt processed. It can take up to 3 days for price comparison to be complete but you will receive an update that your receipt is processed once comparison is finished you can then log in to see how much you have saved, what items you saved on, how much was saved on each item, and which store had the lower price and how much it was. Very cool! You can then redeem your savings to a Bluebird card (which I use) or a Walmart Rewards eGiftCard. Blue bird is free to sign up for as well if you choose to go that route and can be used for more than just your savings catcher account. To date I have currently saved $74.92 in my savings catcher account but have $109 in my BlueBird account because until Feb what ever amount you redeemed to BlueBird was doubled! I have used this app less than a year but do a lot of my shopping at Walmart.
IbottaSecond money saving app choice would have to be Ibotta. Ibotta is also a free app you can download on your phone and as I just discovered can also be logged into with your computer. Ibotta has rebates at affiliated stores that you can redeem to save money on those products. New rebates are added often so there are always something new to check out. Some rebates are on stated brands while others are on products and you can choose the brand. The rebate will tell you how much it is worth and what product you can buy. You unlock the rebate by answering a quick poll, watching a video, or learning a fact about the product. You can use your phone to check the product before you purchase it to be sure it is what qualifies for the rebate. I highly suggest using this feature and also paying attention to the quantity you need to purchase in order to redeem. Most rebates are for a single product but some may be if you purchase 2 or 3. It is pretty simple to turn in your receipts for your rebates. I usually do this when I am putting away my purchases at home because it is not as simple as just scanning the receipt, you have to scan the bar code on the product first. I will go into my Ibotta app by clicking on my icon on my phone, I then go through and do any tasks that needs to be done to unlock my rebates that I am going to redeem. Once everything is unlocked I go to verify purchases and scan all the barcodes of the products that I am redeeming. I then scan the querty barcode on my receipt and thats it. Ibotta will tell you your receipt is being processed. I usually hear back from them in a few hours but it can take up until the next day or so. Another great feature of Ibotta is a team work bonus. If you have friends who also use Ibotta each friend who shops and redeems offers earns toward an extra added incentive each month. Each month they will tell you what that months team work bonus will be and the things that you and your team members have to do to reach that goal. I completed level 1 this month and earned an extra $2.00 and am 57% of reaching level 2 but today is the cut off (insert sad face here). I have used this app probably close to a year and have currently earned $92.25. If Ibotta is something you feel you might be interested in feel free to join my team by using the following link or referral code 437xa from the app.
checkout51Checkout 51 is the final app in my collection. I listed it last because I have found the offers with this one limited. This is also the app that I have used the least. CheckOut 51 is very similar to Ibotta except you shop where you want ( I honestly like this better) buy the product for their rebate and then take a photo of your receipt and send to them. They offer a choose your own offer where you choose which product you want to buy and then earn your rebate. This is usually on some type of fruit or such. I commonly use mine to buy bananas. I recently cashed out my account here for $22.57. I got my check in about 2 weeks. My balance is empty now but when the product is right I will start saving here again! I do not see any referral links or codes for this one so I would suggest searching for the app to download and set up your account.

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