Even Glow Serum- Sweet Skin Until Day’s End

I am going to be honest when I first saw my invitation to join this Tomoson task I was excited but very skeptical. The product made many promises but I did not know if it would ever live up to the promises made. I also did not know if I would like using the dropper in place of the pump bottle. Since receiving the product I have completely changed my mind about what works in a beauty routine and what will probably be more trouble than it is worth.

The dropper design works great with this product because it is a thicker serum and not so thin it runs all over your face during application. The serum is thick enough to put on your face and then rub in, not try to rub in as you are trying to cover your face.

The smell is not too bold but a light pleasant smell. The color is yellowish so it is easy to see just where you have put the serum and also know just how much you have used. A full dropper is a bit too much for my face. Once the serum is applied it only takes seconds to rub into your skin. The serum is fast absorbed with no sticky or pasty residue left behind to make your face feel heavy or pasty. Once applied and massaged into the skin you can go on about your normal beauty routine whether that be a moisturizer or makeup.

I have fallen in love with Even Glow Serum because it is so simple to use and the results are already noticeable. My skin tone is more even, my skin has a healthy glow, and though I have had a few pimples while using the product they soon disappear and my face is clear. It is even okay to use your normal acne medicine while using the serum if needed. My skin no longer has dryness or any flakes.

Since a little of this serum goes a long way the product is lasting very well, so it is not something you are going to have to purchase all the time. This is a product that I would recommend to my family and friends who suffer from splotchy skin color, dry skin, wrinkles, or who just wants a product to make them feel great about their skin!

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This review is in no way influenced from receiving the product discounted or by the company. This is my true opinion of how I feel about Even Glow Serum.
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