Merry Mint Soap & Lotion

I will be the first to admit I have had some bad mint experiences in the past. I also admit that when I saw the holiday scent selection from my shopping club, I was skeptical and honestly considered not ordering it. Hello Pumpkin for fall was a wonderful experience so I decided to give Merry Mint a shot. After careful consideration, I made the decision to order both Merry Mint soap and lotion!

Unopened bar of Merry Mint soap and bottle of lotion.
Merry Mint Soap & Lotion Unopened

Merry Mint Arrival

I was a bit excited and reluctant for my November order to arrive. I was still a bit afraid in the back of my mind that I would finally find the one product from my shopping club that I did not like. Since I purchased this during our amazing Black Friday sales I did an un-boxing video on my Facebook page Rhonda’s Review Corner. If you would like to max content benefits stop by and give the page a like. Then you will see the tid bits of information I share in addition to the blog.

Back to Merry Mint Soap and Lotion. After I did the un-boxing video I could wait no longer to decide did I make a mistake. I decided to open both products and send them through my regimen of product review.

Bottle of green lotion and bar of soap in green foil wrapper
Meet the products in all their glory

Merry Mint Soap & Lotion Performance

I opened the bar first and gave it the right out of the package sniff test. It honestly smelled amazing! Impressive BUT how will the smell be on me and will it last? If you don’t know products can smell wonderful in the packet and smell awful on you. The oils and elements of your individual chemistry can greatly change the way a product smells. Making it go from I love this to I will never use that again!

The real challenge begins. I did not have a soap saver or anything to put the soap in so I put it to the real challenge, simply using it with a wash cloth. I showed no mercy on saving. Would it last?

Merry Mint Soap Results

I was impressed with both the use and scent of the product. I took a complete bath NOT shower using the bar and you could hardly tell it had been used at all. The logo was still imprinted in the top of the soap. I also left the soap on the wash cloth to dry and even that didn’t deplete the bar very much. Now that is performance! Using a soap saver this product will last months. I have NOT evaluated using just a wash cloth because I love soap savers.

Now to discuss the smell. I could smell the product on my skin and in the air upon exiting my bath. The real smell test comes with does it go away once you dry yourself. The smell did lessen a bit but it was still present even after I was totally dry and would have been able to get dressed. Does the smell last I would have to give this a vote of YES. It may not be as strong as when in the bath but it is still lingering on you.

Overall the soap had impressed me. It had performed well and lasted really well for a wash cloth bath. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh. There was no residue or sticky feel. I also did not notice any nasty rings left behind in my tub like many bath products leave. Plus on plus, clean me and clean tub! Five out of five star for Merry Mint soap!

Green foil wrapped bar of soap with Merry written in red and Mint in green
Unopened Merry Mint Soap
Top of green bar of soap with imprint very disable after first use
Top of bar after first use
bottom of green bar of Merry Mint soap barely used
Bottom of bar after fist use

Merry Mint Lotion

Now that you know I loved the soap let’s see how the lotion meets my picky expectations. The lotion is in a clear bottle and a light green in color. It is silky looking in appearance and not gel or slim appeal. I was not as nervous of the sniff test since I had liked the soap. I removed the foil top from the bottle and gave it a deep sniff. Will it be as good as the soap?

The smell was like the soap with maybe just a hint more of fragrance. It was not too strong but not so light that it will fade minutes after putting it on. I had gotten the results from the sniff test that I expected. It was a real close match to the soap. Now the real test was up for debate, how will it feel on my skin, will it too smell good with my chemistry, and last but not least will the smell stay or fade?

Merry Mint Lotion Results

The lotion was extremely smooth and silky in my hand. It was light not heavy and weighted. Since I had just gotten out of the bath and shaved my legs I was going to test the product on my fresh shaven legs and arms. I smoothed the lotion onto my arms first. I could not believe how the lotion felt. It had zero sticky residue, absorbed quickly into my skin, and left my arms feeling moisturized and simply amazing. The smell was just OMG!

Now to see if it would burn or irritate freshly shaved legs. I begin at the hips and worked my way down with Merry Mint. The smell was so uplifting. I had no burn what so ever. There was no redness or irritation that developed. The slight itch that I had been experiencing from shaving diminished. I would without second thought recommend this product for use after shaving.

In all honesty I would highly recommend this lotion for after shaving, just dry skin, irritated skin, and just all around all occasion. It was that amazing! If you are curious about how long the smell lasts. I used it just this morning fresh out of a shower and it has lasted 3+ hours and still going. It is a hint of smell not like you tried to bath in it. So it is not over powering. NOTE I used just the lotion this morning and NOT the soap, so this is the lotion alone lasting.

Bottle of green Merry Mint lotion unopened
The Merry Mint Lotion unopened

Merry Mint Closing…

Personally, I loved both these products. They performed well and met all my expectations. I had to use very little of either product to reach my desired results. I have found all the products from my shopping club to last. Since they are more concentrated a little bit goes a long way. These products are natural with NO ingredients with parabens,formaldehyde or phthalates. So in other words none of the bad chemical stuff. I honestly found no cons with either of these products. There is a slight catch however, to get these products at my price you have to be a shopping club member. Overall I give both products a five out of five star.

back of lotion bottle
Back of lotion bottle

If you would like more details on the shopping club or products please reach out to me. You can contact me directly from the contact Rhonda@ Review-Corner section of this blog or you can contact me on Instant Messenger on my personal facebook page.

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