Ultimate Smile Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

whitening kit

Who of us don’t want a nice pearly white smile? How many would love to be able to get professional results without the expensive price tag and time at the dentist? If this is you read on!
The Ultimate Smile Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit is a great addition to a brushing routine. The kit comes with a upper and lower tray, 2 tubes of gel, a plastic case to keep your trays in when not in use, and simple instructions on how to use this product. The trays are great because you can heat them in hot water and then mold them to your mouth for an exceptional whitening experience tailored to fit your teeth. Once you have the trays molded simply add a bit of the gel and insert the trays in your mouth from 5-15 minutes depending on your teeth sensitivity. When the time is up take out the trays and rinse your mouth! That is it and the results are immediately noticeable. Of course don’t forget to wash out your trays and put them back in your case for safe keeping until your next whitening! Set up your routine on how often you want to use the kit depending on how sensitive your teeth are. Those without sensitive teeth may want to use it a couple times a week while those with more sensitivity may only need to whiten ever week or two. The choice is yours!

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This kit is very simple to use and only requires a bit of time. The taste is not horrible but not a tasty treat either. The trays though never comfortable can be trimmed to make the experience as bearable as possible. The results are fantastic! Since you should only use a little bit of gel each time you whiten the product lasts for more than just 2 uses. If you do end up accidentally using too much gel in the tray there will be a spill over into your mouth which is neither tasty or pleasant. You will drool and not look at all like a cute St.Bernard puppy while you are doing it!

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All this being said this is another product that I received at a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review. The opinions here are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of this product. This post has not been influenced from the discount or the company who makes this product. If you would like to know more about this product please click here

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