If You Own a Dog You Need This Shampoo!

Have you had to wrestle your dog into the tub to get him clean and not stinking only to find out a few days later that the same stink has come back? You don’t feel like the fight to bath him again and you also don’t want to dry out his skin. Have you had to “just deal with it” until time for the wrestling match to begin once again? Would you like a solution to the smelly problem without having to bath your dog again? Believe it or not I have an alternative for you! Are you excited now and want to know what it is? Well it is Paw Choice Naturals. What is this you may ask?

Paw Choice Naturals is a dry foaming mousse dog shampoo that can be used between your puppy baths. The shampoo has a nice mango & pomegranate scent to rid your puppy of his shoo wee stink. The shampoo is not like many other products that only mix and mask the smell but it honestly helps. As another advantage puppy does not just smell clean but he will look nicer too!

This shampoo is very easy to use. You do not need any extra ingredients and NO water is required! All you have to do is pump a desired amount of the shampoo into your hand or onto your pups fur and rub it in. The bottle will suggest putting it directly on your pet and this is probably the best way of use but for some of us we need to have our pets in our hands to make this work so if Fido might sprint away just put it in your hands and grab him! Once you have rubbed your pup down being careful not to get the shampoo in his eyes just let him be. That is it! Your pup will smell better and look cleaner. Now there is no need to wrestle him into the tub! Not for now at least but maybe in a couple weeks the tub might be calling.

If you would like to know the ingredients in the product before putting it on your fur baby here those are:

Ingredients: Water, Surfactant Blend (Coconut Derived), Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, and Preserative

This product comes in an 8 fl oz. pump bottle. Let me add that the design of the bottle makes use much more simple than one of the bottles you must pour. With the easy to use pump you can easily measure out what you need with no worries of a sudden jump from Fido making you pour out the entire contents. This being said a little of this product also goes a long way.

If you are interested in learning more about this product or would like to get some of it for yourself please take a look at the listing on Amazon by clicking here.

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review. This review has not in any way been influenced by the discount or the company making this product. The opinions are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of this product.

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