A Few Common Questions You Might Ask About Becoming a Product Reviewer

Those who are interested in getting in to product reviewing probably have some of the same questions I had when I began my journey in late May into the world of product reviewing.

* How do I become a product reviewer?
* Is it hard to review the products?
*Where do I find products and will I be chosen to review any?
*Is this something that I can afford to do?

First, it is not too difficult to become a product reviewer. You can search online to find groups and companies that have products to review. Look through Facebook there are a ton of review groups you can join by simply filling out a form and sending a friend request to all the admins in the groups. Just as a little extra gift to you for visiting my blog today I will point you in the direction of some of the groups I have grown to love since late May.


Facebook Groups I love:
*Lady Luck Reviewers
*Fabulous Reviewers

Reviewing products is not hard at all. All you have to do is try the product and then write about your experience. Was it good? Bad? Do you have suggestions to make the product better? Tell what you liked or disliked and why. It is really that simple. Just be honest!

You find products to review by joining groups and sites such as these listed above. Once you are comfortable reviewing you can also pitch to sellers yourself. I have not reached that level of comfort in my reviewing journey just yet. I simply look at the products my groups and sites offer and apply to the ones that I would like to try. You will not get to review every product you apply for. Do not be discouraged. This happens to every reviewer, especially when you first begin. Make sure to apply only to products you plan to buy if you are chosen to review and be careful not to apply to more than you can afford. If you are chosen to review a product the seller and group or site expects you to order it. Be mindful of time limits on codes, some are only a few hours while others are a few days. Be sure to review the products you buy from Amazon. Review all the products you purchase whether you are doing it for a product review or not. This helps with getting chosen to review more products. ALWAYS leave a disclaimer in your reviews if you received a code to purchase them at a discount or for free.

Affordability of reviewing products is all up to you. Of course if you are serious about being a product reviewer you are going to need to invest the $99 to become a Prime member. Shipping costs are VERY expensive without Prime because most products you review need to be shipped with 2 day shipping which = Free with Prime Expensive without Prime. You can review free products or products that you will pay a percentage of the items listed price. You choose where you get products, how many you apply for, and how much your willing to spend.

Here is a break down of my review spending since May of this year to today.
Here it is, after joining Prime the listed price of the items I ordered was $1567.20 I actually spent $131.34. I purchased 84 items, providing I did not miss any in my count.
My overall total from my start date to today:
$1687.46 total listed price &
$175.52 that I actually spent.
Total items I bought 90!

Yes I love being a reviewer of awesome products! So what are some of the other totals of reviewers out there? I am interested to know please share in the comments! How long have you reviewed? All year or like me just a part of the year? What have you spent and how many products have you gotten to review?

Some of my favorite products from this year are pictured below.

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