3 Money-Saving Add on Extensions

Photo of purchase made from Rosetta Stone using money-saving add-ons.
These 3 money-saving add-on extensions have saved me tons?

Have you ever been shopping online and find your cart has more in it than you had first planned. You are trying to decide to go for it, put something back, just not get it at all…or you could go online and search for coupon or promo codes! That task takes forever though and many times you end up with no savings after your intensive search. I am here to help solve your problems! How you might ask? By using these money-saving add-on extensions that can help you afford all those items in your cart!

What if I could tell you some money-saving add on extensions you could get online that will tell you the best deals available for what you are about to buy? Would that maybe make your life a lot easier? If so then keep reading for my top finds for saving money with little to no effort!

The Money-Saving Add On Extensions

  1. Honey is my absolute favorite add on that saves me money. I love it because it often finds deals when the other two say I already have the best deal, like last night when I purchased a 24 month Spanish course from Rosetta Stone. Thanks to Honey I saved almost $90 and that was just on one purchase! Honey has also came to the rescue when I shop on Amazon and point me in the direction of a better deal. In addition to savings some sites also offer Honey Gold & Honey Gold bonuses which can be used to purchase gift cards. 100 gold is equal to $1 and you need 1,000 gold minimum to redeem. If you would like to add Honey to your PC as your very own shopping sidekick. Here is all you need to do! Click here and follow the simple steps to install Honey to your toolbar. You will never have to worry about coupons or promo codes again!
  2. Retail Me Not Genie is probably my next favorite choice. This site has a ton of different stores you can shop at and earn. They have a lot of coupon and promo codes available. I listed it second because it does not seem to work as effective as Honey does for me but will catch a deal ever now and then.
  3. Last, I have recently started using Coupert. My experience with Coupert the other night left me thinking Honey is still the top site. Coupert told me I had the best deal after running it. I did not, in fact, have the best deal because upon running Honey I saved a substantial amount! The great news was at least it was available to search for deals.


Each of these add on extensions are basically installed in the same way. You will add them to your toolbar from a google download. Google will walk you through the process once you click you would like to install the extension. The extensions will run each time you are shopping online. You will know they are active because the little icon will light up and be colored. If the site has no deals the icon will just be gray. The little number that is shown when the icon is active tells you the number of possible deals for your shopping. You can run the extension and then learn what deals are available and you can then choose the one that best suits you.

In the picture above you can see that Retail Me Not did not have any deals for me, Coupert had 30 and Honey had 3. Do not be fooled by the numbers! Honey was the only extension that found me a deal at all.

In Closing…

These money-saving add on extensions can save you not only money but also time. All the extensions here are free to use. The only con is you have to have the add-on installed on your device in order to run it. This means if you pick up your phone instead of your computer, you will have to do your own comparison and bargain finding unless you also have the add-on installed there.

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