Spearmint Essential Oil

bottle of spearmint essential oil in  hand

Spearmint essential oil is one of my favorites during the cold & sinus season. It has a cool minty aroma that can help relieve a stuffy nose and head. Spearmint is a bit less powerful than eucalyptus and peppermint. They are two of my other favorites for this time of year. What if you are sensitive to smell but would still like a natural way to relieve a stuffy head? You can add spearmint to either of these two oils to tame them down. In addition to cold and sinus issues spearmint oil is great for headaches, sore muscles, arthritis pain, and fatigue. Best of all oils are free of harmful chemicals. They are a wonderful addition to families with small children or anyone just wanting to live a healthier life style.

I love diffusing spearmint in my home during the winter months. In addition to kicking congestion to the curb it also give my home a pleasant minty smell. I mix 5-10 drops of spearmint with 5 drops of eucalyptus. If I am using the diffuser during the night I may also add 5 drops of lavender. The lavender adds a relaxing property that the other oils do not have. You can also make bath bombs and shower tabs to add this pleasing smell to your clean routine.

Essential Oils in Food

Spearmint is also a tasty treat. Always remember to only use food grade oils for spicing up meals or drinks. Young Living has an entire section devoted to oils you can use for these type things called Vitality blends. You can also use spearmint and peppermint oils for a freshening mouth wash. I would still recommend using only food grade just in case you were to accidentally swallow any of the oil. You would rather be safe than sorry, right!

Spearmint Essential Oil for Bugs and Rodents

While humans usually enjoy the smell of spearmint pesky bugs do not. Going to be outdoors? Deter mosquitoes and other pesky wilderness creatures by mixing spearmint with a carrier oil. You can then spray this mixture onto your skin and clothing. Have a garden? You can whip up a spearmint concoction to deter those bugs also. You will be able to protect your prized fruits, veggies or the envy of the neighborhood rose garden. Rodents also do not like the smell of spearmint. Problems with mice or other rodents? You can use spearmint around your home to help get rid of them. Just be careful to keep out of reach of pets because spearmint can be fatal to our fur babies.

A Few Spearmint Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Recharge Blend

2 drops spearmint + 2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops of lime

Stress Relief:

3 drops eucalyptus + 3 drops spearmint

Creamsicle Mint:

4 drops of citrus + 3 drops spearmint

Be creative with your oils and find the blends that you love. There is really no right or wrong combination! As long as it is something that you enjoy and that offers you the benefits for ailments you have.

Here to Help

If you have any questions about spearmint essential oils that I can help you with please reach out. Essential oils have become an amazing part of my life. I am still learning but would be glad to share what I know. You can reach me easily from the Contact page here.

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