A Double Doozy

It is no secret that I love Valentia products. You can imagine how happy I was when I realized I was going to get to try two more new products from the brand. I was chosen to try a skin detoxifying mask and an exfoliating scrub.Both products are amazing and here is the reason that I say that.

Both products performed with amazing results. The products are both in easy open and close jars. The exfoliating scrub is in a smaller jar than most Valentia products but there is still plenty of product for your buck. This jar is also a dark color instead of the normal light. I liked the change up. It adds a bit of different look to my Valentia collection. The clay mask had a nice light smell. I think it smells really good but is not full of perfume. The exfoliating scrub had very little smell at all.

Both products are easy to use with a slight difference between the two. When using the clay mask there is an approximately a 20 minute wait while the product works. The exfoliating scrub is much like a face wash. You put the scrub on your face and can then immediately wash it off with no wait time for it to work. Personally I prefer a no wait time but the time spent waiting for the clay mask to work is well worth the results you will get. This being said the clay mask sits up during your wait time. It will turn a white color and it reminded me of a mime. Some ladies will probably want to hide out while the mask works its magic. I chose to go sit with my husband while I waited in which he told me that mamma looked weird. If you call looking like a mime weird than yes I would agree that I did.The scrub goes on clear but can be washed off so you do not have to worry about anyone seeing you. Both products will wash right off with a cloth and warm water. You can choose to shower to get it off or just wash your face at the sink. Either way will work fine.

These products left my skin feeling fresh and smooth. I loved the softness and the glow that I had after using these products. I am once again extremely satisfied with my decision to give these products a try.I had no negative side effects from using either product. The clay mask did get warm on my face when I first applied it and I was worried that I would not be able to use it but the heat soon subsided and I had no further problems. I remain a huge Valentia fan!

I did receive both these products for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review has not been influenced by the means I have obtained these products or by the company making or selling the product. The opinions here are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of both products.

Interested in either of these products?


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Mime Going to Say You Should Check It Out & Get Yours Today!

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