Javascript Coding for Children Yes or No?

My son informed me he had an interest in learning to code. It was a minimal casual comment that he probably didn’t even know I noticed. When I came across the program Simply Coding I wanted to know how serious he was about coding. Was it a casual comment or was it a real interest to learn. I asked him if I got the program would he actually work with it to learn. He said of course. My son and I have worked together to bring you this eye opening review!

My son has worked with his coding most of the day. He said there were a good deal of files he had to download but that it was simple to do. If you can navigate a computer much at all you can get the files. He was moving right along in lesson one making progress and his game was taking shape. Then he learned what one small mishap can cause. His game vanished. Yes, that is right, it was gone after all that work! I was sure we had met the end of the road. His interest in coding would be buried along with a dozen other ventures he has had over the years such as guitar but this time was different. This course had tweaked his interest for more than a whim. He looked through the code trying to decide what happened. Dad and I know nothing about coding so looking at the screen to us was like a foreign language. Thank goodness for the chat help that is provided with this course. He got in touch with them and in just a few minutes he was back on track and moving along again.

My son is loving this new knowledge and I am loving that he is learning a wonderful new skill to possibly shape his future and getting in his class hours while doing. My son is 12, a 6th grader who just this year we decided to home school so we are accomplishing two tasks at once.

From the wisdom of my 12 year old he says this course is a challenge but that he does like it. He is an intelligent child who can pick up almost anything if he really wants to so I have no doubt that he can complete this accredited 30 hour course. If he keeps seeking coding with the excitement he is now I am very interested in the other courses in this series of accredited courses. He did say that since he is struggling that maybe the age should be a little higher on this course but I think it is because he has not had any experience with this type of thing before.

The course is laid out nicely. There are videos and not just a bunch of reading so this helps to actually show what you need to do. As the instructor completes each task he is talking telling you what he is doing and why. So you have a visual from the video, audio from his words, and then you can read along also. Great for different types of learners. Once you are done watching the video you can perform the tasks and build your game as you follow along. At the end of each part of the lesson there is a quiz to test that you are learning and not just following along blindly. He is very excited because at the end of the course you will have game that you can upload and honestly play. It is not just a lesson that goes away as you walk through, it comes together to form a true game, your very own creation.

Overall we are both excited about this opportunity to complete this course. It is wonderful skills to have. It appears to be something he is interested in. I am very proud of his progress and determination to learn this. The course in my opinion is great. He is learning and it shows in the progress he is making. Though he is making some mistakes those are areas that he is having to work on and will not likely make the same mistake next time. If you have a child with a technical mind who enjoys this type of stuff I would highly recommend this product.

I did receive this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. This has not influenced my opinion of this product. The company making and selling this course has also played no part in this review. The opinions here are 100% from the experience of my son as he walks through this course and my observation of his progress and struggles.

If you are interested in the product you can find it here

Just out of curiosity how do you feel about children learning skills such as these? Do you think they are profitable or pretty much a waste of their time? Either way do you care to explain why? 

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