CoverGirl BlastFlipStick Lipstick Color Combos to Smile About

I am one happy bzz agent this year! I have been invited to and received many campaigns to try new products this year. One of the recent campaigns I received was for the CoverGirl BlastFlipStick. Before I begin my review I want you to know that I am not associated with CoverGirl in any way and I will not profit from the sale of any of their merchandise. I am just a consumer who has received one of their products through the bzz agent corporation and I want to share that experience with you to help guide you in your own purchase decision.

Pros: Ease of use, two colors in one tube, easy to find to purchase, smooth light texture.
Cons: A bit expensive, requires reapplication fairly often.

To begin my review I want to note that the color selection is awesome. The tubes are designed so that you do not receive just one color but instead two. This can be real sweet for those ladies who like to change their look throughout the day, grab a bite or drink with friends after a day at the office, or who just likes to freshen up their look. The color goes on smooth and rich with little effort and without using a ton of the product. This is a plus because even if you do not have a mirror if you are talented with your lipstick you can still apply a fresh coat and using less means the product lasts longer. The downside is you will have to reapply after meals and if you sip drinks often.

Another plus for CoverGirl BlastFlipStick is the ease of finding the product in stores. Most of your local mass merchandisers and pharmacies will have a selection of the beautiful colors right in their cosmetics department. This means no extra stops to pick up that to “smile for color.” On the downside expect to pay slightly more for BlastFlipStick than you do for a normal CoverGirl lipstick, prices I have seen are running around 8 bucks. Just remember you are not getting just one color but two, that is as long as both colors in the tube are those that you really like and will wear.

The BlastFlipStick makes wonderful gifts for the ladies in your life. I gave my mother one of my 3 free tubes that I received in my bzz kit for a Christmas gift. I felt a twinge of ouch as I parted with a beautiful pink shade but quickly realized it was worth it when I saw the smile on her face. In her own words she “absolutely loves her BlastFlipStick!” In a side note confession I have one tube laying on my bathroom sink for easy access in the morning and I have one in my purse to take along with me through my day. Between the two my smile remains softly shaded and conditioned.

Overall I would give this product an 8 out of 10.
I hope this review has helped you learn a bit about the BlastFlipStick by CoverGirl. If you are wishing to purchase hopefully this review has helped you make your purchase decision. Good luck to you and keep that smile shaded and conditioned!

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