Do You Know Who Invented Neutrogena Hand Cream?

As I said earlier this has been a great year for me with bzz agent, right before the end of the year I got chosen for yet another campaign, yes you guessed it for Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream. Just as before I am only sharing my opinion on the product and its performance, I am in no way profiting from this post by either bzz agent or Neutrogena.

Pros: Great value, easy to find to purchase, a little bit goes a long way, comes in two varieties, helps chapped skin and moisturizes.

Cons: A bit sticky when first applied.

Neutrogena Norweigian Hand Cream really does live up to the slogan on the bottle “just a dab heals dry skin” and as a bonus it goes a long way. I have been using the fragrance free Hand Cream I received in my bzz kit for a few days and my skin is really thankful for it. Though the lotion is a little sticky when you first apply it the feeling does go away after a while leaving your skin feeling moisturized and conditioned. If you have chapped, dry, flaky skin just a dab of this product and it begins to disappear!

If you like scent with your product you might want to consider purchasing the Original formula because the fragrance free has little smell and the smell it does have is more like Vasoline than perfume. It is a great choice if you have sensitive skin or allergies to fragrance but will do little to get compliments on smelling good. The hint of smell it does have will not carry with you and vanishes after a few minutes of rubbing.

As an added bonus Neutrogena Norweigian Hand Cream helps heal broken cuticles for a beautiful manicure or can be used to help protect your lips from harsh climate. You know it is gentle if it can be applied to the delicate skin of your lips!

Another benefit this product is a super value retailing at approximately $4.99 for a 2 oz bottle expected to last for approximately 200 applications. If you purchase a hand lotion and chap stick you will spend about the same or more than one bottle of this awesome hand cream will cost you!

For a little history lesson and some “now you know knowledge” can you guess who invented this super product, I bet the answer will shock you.

Answer: FisherMEN off the coast of Norway according to legend! Told you it was a shock who would have thought men would invent a product like hand cream to stand the test of time for forty years?

Now for your knowledge: Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream received the 2012 Good Housekeeping Seal award, heals 6 signs of damage with just a dab including chapping, dryness, dry cuticles, splitting nails, scaliness, and roughness aka (alligator skin). Last but not least it was the first hand cream to use concentrated glycerin to heal the skin.

Overall I have to give this product a 9 out of 10, which I do rarely. I give this rating because I feel this product lives up to the promise it makes, is a great value, and has multiple uses, making the product not only a good deal but a wise purchase.

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