Hair Styling Challenged Ladies I Have Finally Found A Product For Us!!!

 I will be the first to admit when it comes to hair styling I am totally at the end of the line. I hate having to dedicate precious minutes and hours that I could have been sleeping, fearing I am going to burn myself, and also fearing that only half my hair will come out looking like it should. Yes, I am hair styling challenged! Challenged or not I have finally found a product that delivers a neat frizz free straight style every time. That product that I am sure has your interest peaked is the Bermuda detangling fast straightener.

This is the most simple hair styling product that I have ever used in my life. All you have to do is press and hold the power button a few seconds, set the temp you desire, allow it to heat to the chosen temp and begin to style. It takes a very short time to have your hair perfectly straight and polished. If you can brush your hair, I promise you this is a product that you too can use!

The temp you will need to set will depend on the type of hair you have (thick, thin, curly). The booklet that comes in with your brush can tell you depending on your type of hair what temp you will likely need. You can also do as I have done and just experiment with the temp. I like to start out with as low a temp as I can. I feel like my hair has a less chance of damage at lower temps plus the lower the temp setting the faster you are ready to style and go.

The brush is not like a regular flat iron. If you touch it to your scalp and skin you will not instantly feel a burn. In fact don’t be afraid of the brush. You need some pressure to be sure your hair is fully in the bristles so that you get the straightening results you are trying to accomplish. Even at full temp the brush will not burn you.

This brush has a nice design. The power button and temp controls are located on the side of the handle. The power button is the top circular button and the temp controls are right under it. The plus of course raises the temp and the minus will lower it. The temp gauge is on the back of the handle. It is very clear but do take note it reads in Celsius not in Fahrenheit degrees.

The brush is not difficult to hold even for those with diseases and such that can challenge your grip. I have Neuropathy and if an item is too bulky or heavy I just can not hold on to it for very long. My hands will hurt and cramp. Usually this results in me in pain and the item dropped or laying not likely to be used unless I just have to. This brush was exceptional. I had no problems using it. It did not heat up and I could not hold it. It does get warm the closer your hands are to the bristles of the brush but it does not get hot enough to burn you. I have used this product numerous times and not once have I had cramps in my hands that enabled me to continue using the brush until my hair was done.

Speaking of being done, I have accomplished my polished look in less than 30 minutes and this is including warm up time for the brush. It warms up very quickly I might add. This is with me being in no hurry what so ever and just taking my time. You can see why I love this product so much. I can finally fix my hair before I leave for work in the morning without having to get up an hour earlier to do it!

I give this product a 5 out of 5 star rating. I chose this rating because this is a very good product that performs as it promises to do unlike many products on the market today. The product is very simple to use which is a big factor in my rating. It is also time saving when compared to products such as flat irons that give a similar result. I have not been burned or in pain using this product even once. This brush is also right on par with the price of many products that perform similar tasks, so it is very much worth the investment. It didn’t hurt that the product comes in pink which is my favorite color. I have also seen these products available in white and black if pink is not a color you adore.

I did receive this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. The means I obtained this product or the company making or selling the product has in no way influenced this review. The opinions here are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of this product.

If you are interested in this product you can find their Amazon listing by clicking here


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