Can You Resist to Take a Selfie???

Mr. Selfie is another of the books in the parody series Little Miss and Mr. ME, ME, ME  by Dan Zevin that I have been reading. This book similar to the other two that I have read in this series and is very short and full of pictures. This one too has some very humorous situations that are best kept among the adults.

I decided to read this book because I have enjoyed the previous books I have read in this series and also because it is so common today to see people just out of the blue stop to take a selfie. People, just like Mr. Selfie, can decide to take a selfie in some of the weirdest places. It is a good idea to choose your selfie spot carefully or else you might end up just like Mr.Selfie in the hospital!

Poor Mr. Selfie would risk everything to get that perfect selfie. His job was put at stake and lost when he was sure he would be climbing up in the ranks. Another lesson selfie takers the world over can learn, do not take selfies at work! You could end up moving right on out the door instead of up the ladder just like Mr.Selfie.

If you enjoyed Mr. Men and Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves as a child these are a wonderful series of books for you to take a look at. They are very short and will require little time to read but they are almost certain in that small amount of time to make you laugh and smile a bit. Share these books with your friends, share them with your family, but what ever you do keep them out of the reach of your children!

I did receive this book from Blogging for books free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. This review has not been influenced by the manner I received this book, the author, or the sellers of this book. The opinions here are 100% my own after I read the book.

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