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Did you have any idea that Listerine made a toothpaste? I am serious when I say there is no shortage in choices when you need to purchase a tube of tooth paste. Every big name in the industry has at least 3 to choose from. Every new tooth saver has at least one or two choices on the shelf. The other day I was scanning the options and for the first time in my life I felt overwhelmed! Why so many choices?

Overwhelmed by the Options

I have always been a Crest kinda gal but there was just so many different options. I was exhausted just looking at the shelf! How was I ever going to decide? That was when I glanced down and noticed a box that caught my eye. It had the same color scheme as another product that I have often used over the years. Whoa and behold if it didn’t also share the name…Listerine. Like usual I picked it up and was shocked that I didn’t even know that this was available. I clicked on my Facebook app and went to my stories to ask my audience if they knew about this, most like me, did not. That solved that on the spot. My next tooth paste purchase was going to be this new product that I didn’t even know existed.

I purchased the tooth paste and promised a follow up with my opinion on it. So here it is, you are about to read that follow up review.

Familiar Listerine Taste Minus the Wow

First, I want to say that the product is definitely Listerine. It has the same familiar taste as their mouth wash just about 100 times more gentle. If you like Listerine mouth wash you will love this tooth paste. You might even adjust if you dislike the taste since it is not near as strong as the mouth wash. I honestly fight with the taste of the mouth wash because it is so very strong. I use it on occasion because it is well known for its germ killing power. If I have been sick or have been having mouth problems then that is when I will reach for this power packed mouth wash. The tooth paste however has the taste just not so potent that it almost leaves you gasping for air. Your mouth feels fresh and clean after you brush.

A Pretty Gel with Consistency

Second, this specific Listerine tooth paste is a gel. The gel is bright blue in color. The pop of color makes it very easy to see how much you are putting on your tooth brush. The consistency is good. It does not just slide off your brush while you are trying to get the cap back on the tube like some tooth pastes. Another great thing is to get that clean shine and feel does not take a lot of the product. I put a sensible amount (a dollop in my terms) on the end of my toothbrush. My tooth brush is battery operated and has a timer. I just brush until the timer turns off and then spit. You can rinse if you like but I normally just leave the nice fresh clean feel.

What is it Gonna Cost Me?

Third, the tooth paste was very affordable. It was on par with some of the big names on the market that has been out there a while. In comparison it was even less than some of the new products these companies have recently added to the shelves. I purchased it at Walmart so I am sure it is at the large retail stores as well. It was not eye level on the shelf but if you look down while scanning you will see the all too familiar Listerine colors displayed on a box with the name.

Uh Oh There is a Complaint

The only real complaint that I have with the Listerine toothpaste is the design of the tube. It is your regular old fashioned tooth paste tube. This is not a total deal breaker. The reason I would like a different design is because it takes up a lot more space on my sink and is not easy to close before brushing. I prefer the easy flip open caps that stand up on the cap. This way you can pretty much use one hand to do all your tooth paste things while holding your tooth brush safely with the other. So Listerine if you are listening, up your game on the tube & I believe you are definitely in the running in the tooth paste market.

Listerine Toothpaste in Closing…

Overall I like this product. I have had no problems with it and it does leave me feeling fresh and clean after use. I feel like my breath is no longer that of a dragon. Honestly, some tooth pastes are great on cleaning but I don’t feel top of the line on breath. This one has you covered on both. My teeth do not seem to be suffering in any way. They seem no less brittle, no more prone to cavity and no types of mouth sores have become evident. I vote 4 out of 5 star because I really dislike that darn tube. Still an evident win!

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