Perfectly Posh Pores Chores…Say What!

You are probably wondering what exactly is Perfectly Posh Pores Chores, right? Well I am going to be telling you all about that and my own personal experience with Pores Chores. Just keep reading and you too will soon understand!

Reviewer Rhonda with Pores Chores covering her face.
The Pore Chores!

So Tell Me What Is Pores Chores?

Pores Chores is a product made by the skin care line known as Perfectly Posh. It is a pretty simple to use face mask. The product is used to remove dirt from the skin and also reduce the appearance of pores and excess shine. It works exceptional for the T Zone area. One of the main ingredients for the productivity of Pores Chores is kaolin clay. Quick tip: since this is a clay mask you will want to followup with a moisturizer after use. This is just to keep the skin from becoming dry. I used another Perfectly Posh moisturizer called Gel Yes. So now you know what Pores Chores is. Let me tell you about my own experience with the product.

The Perfectly Posh Pores Chores Experience!

I received a sample of Pores Chores to give a try so I am not going to be able to tell you the long term results…yet! I can tell you that I got probably 3 uses out of my sample and that I absolutely loved it. The reason for the above yet, I would purchase the full size product in a heartbeat. I found many more pros for this product than cons. It worked with the very first application. I could see that my skin looked a lot more clean and smooth. I have issues with blackheads and pimples at different intervals of my skin care routine and Pores Chores helped to clear up both. Granted it was not perfect after just a use but I could tell it was working. So what did I love and what did I find that could have been better?

Front of the Pores Chores sample reviewed
The sample I received

 Sample back reviewed with instructions & ingredients
Back of sample pack


Pores Chores is very simple to apply. It is easy to know where you have used the product and where needs application. It felt nice on my skin. I did not have any burning or irritation either during or after use. As I said earlier you see results! It only takes a little bit each time you use it. A full size tube is 2 oz for $20. That is a good value!

Happy reviewer Rhonda showing off her Pores Chores sample
During Use


The only real con I had is it is pretty much impossible to use this in the shower. The mask needs to stay on for 10-15 minutes and there is just no way to make that work in the shower. So it was a little inconvenient for my usual daily lifestyle. On vacation it was wonderful! I used it nightly in the Jacuzzi tub. I would recommend either using this after you shower or take a nice relaxing bath and use it. I chose to use it after my shower once back to life and reality at home. This is really the only down side I have to the product and knowing it is a mask and not a wash it is not really something you shouldn’t already expect.

Perfectly Posh Pores Chores Overall Rating:

On a 5 star scale I would rate this product at a 5. It is a great product that performs. My only con is not really a con if you understand how face masks work, it is more of an inconvenience. I don’t think I should hold that against the product, after all it is part of doing it’s job. I had no problems with Pores Chores; no dry skin, redness, or irritation at all. Keep in mind that I did use moisturizer after I used the mask. Don’t worry the instructions reminds you to do so. All in all I feel this product deserves the 5 star rating for use, results, and cost.

Reviewer Rhonda posing after using Perfectly Posh Pores Chores
The Results

Where Can You Get It?

I received my sample from a good friend. She is a consultant for Posh. She would be glad to help hook you up with your own Pores Chores or other pampering products you may need. Her link is

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