Buiced Liquid Multivitamin…Worth It?

Both flavors of Buiced Liquid Multivitamin sitting on store shelf.
Buiced Liquid Multivitamin choices

I am always on the hunt of a great multivitamin. I usually buy tablets, capsules, or chews but I admit when I say a liquid I was curious. Yes, I should have known better, no I didn’t. I mean who enjoys the taste of a vitamin? Remember Buiced Liquid Multivitamin is going to be one that there is no way you are not going to taste. So how did that go for me? Continue reading and I will just tell you!

Buiced Liquid Multivitamin…the Cons

Here is what I learned about a liquid multivitamin. I bought my Buiced Liquid Multivitamin in the citrus flavor. I can only speak about my experience with this flavor, I did not try the fruit punch, nor will I.

First, this Buiced Liquid Multivitamin did NOT taste anything like citrus. It tasted horrible! Granted I was curious and actually tried to taste it before just chugging what was left in my dose cup. It was awful, I have no lies to tell. I can not even pretend it was not that bad. It was that bad!

Second, after opening, Buiced Liquid Multivitamin must be refrigerated. I keep all my medicines and supplements on my table to remember to take them daily. Having to remember to grab something out of the fridge is not really likely for me. It is also not a real small bottle so you have to find space in your fridge. If you are like me that is a challenge in itself. Yes, normally a larger bottle is a good thing but I did not find that the case with Buiced Liquid. I really wanted to be able to use this since I did buy it.

Finally, it turned out that I wasted my money. I could only bring myself to try this horrid vitamin once. It sit in my fridge for a while. Eventually I needed my space and just trashed the almost full bottle. Very unlike me. Usually if I don’t like something I will pass it on to a family member or friend to try. The taste was so awful I knew no one else would be able to use it either. So was there anything I liked about this Buiced Liquid Multivitamin?

Buiced Liquid Multivitamin…the Pros

I can only really find three pros with Buiced Liquid Multivitamin. Honestly, one of them is not really a pro for me but if you would like to try this for yourself it would be. It was very easy for me to find this product. I found it at my local Walmart. I am sure it would be easily found at pharmacies, mass merchandisers, and Amazon. Honestly, I admit I am not looking for it for myself. I don’t even want to try the other option.

Next, you only have to take it once a day. If you can hold your nose and force it down, it is over after the gulp until the following day. I like once a day products. In the fast pace of society today it is helpful not to have to worry about taking multi pills for maximum benefit.

Finally, I did get this product on clearance. Since I didn’t spend a lot so it was not as big a loss when I trashed it. I think I gave $3 or $4 bucks to try it. I would love to say it was a good value but for me it just was not.

In Closing…

I really hate having to write a negative review, especially when I didn’t even contact the company for their side of the story. Look I am honest, I didn’t feel it was worth the effort. My experience tells me that this product is probably not going to be around long without a new and improved flavor. Who knows in the world today maybe you are intrigued by my review to try it to see how awful it is for yourself. Honestly, I don’t recommend it but who am I to tell you what to do?

You’re fee to make your own decisions. Everyone is different. Maybe it would not be as bad for you as it was me. Flavor is something we all experience differently and truth is the flavor was what killed this product for me. On the negative, if you don’t just love it, I am not able to tell you if it is worth the torture. I just could not keep the dose cycle. Every time I saw the bottle it crossed my mind, but the disgusting taste and fact that I almost got sick just kept popping back in my mind. I am sorry that I could not be more helpful with results but anything I would tell you would be on a guess.

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