Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment

I was introduced to Pure Nerium nightly face treatment by a friend. She sent me a full size 1 fl. oz. bottle to try and review for her. So with that full disclosure, here I am! I used the Pure Nerium face treatment every night.

I am sharing my progress with you through the photos here. You can easily see the progress just as I did. All photos are unedited and not photo shopped in any way. Photos are all from the same angles in the same area and light. They will consist of Day 1, 7, 14, 21, 28 and one day 1 and present day. As always I will be telling you about my experience along the way.

Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment in original box
Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment in box

The First Use

I was very excited to try Pure Nerium nightly face treatment. My friend had told me some wonderful things about the product and I had read the description in the catalog and online. I felt ready to give this product a try.

Upon opening the box I discovered an amazing pump bottle. You only need a light touch to work the dispenser. The nozzle insert was tiny but I managed to keep up with it for the entire review period. This might not be required but I tend to lean toward keeping things sealed. This way you get the most from your products.

I read the simple to follow instructions on the back of the bottle. Dirt simple! Simple is always a plus. Here are the steps I followed and that you could easily do as well.

  • Wash & Dry Your Face
  • Pump 3-4 pumps of lotion into your hand
  • Rub it into your face and neck
  • Rinse lotion off the next morning

Those are all the steps! It really is that easy. Did I mention how much I love simple?

Photo of lady using Pure Nurium for the first time

First night using Pure Nurium

Before and after of lady after using Pure Nurium Nightly face treatment

On the left is my first time using the product on the right is present day and in the middle is the product.

Thoughts After First Use of Pure Nurium Nightly Face Treatment

We always form opinions as we use products. Opinions can include what we liked, what we disliked, what we learned and the list can go on. I found many likes with Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment. The lotion was a wonderful consistency. It was not runny or oily.

The ingredients used in Pure Nerium is some very fine ingredients. Some of these ingredients are not found in other skincare products. The product is designed to fight oxidative stress, aging and sun damage.

On the skin it was not oily or what I would call heavy. When first putting the lotion on my face and neck I could tell it was there. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t really even tell I had put anything on.

It was easy to rub in and a little bit went a long way. The 1 fl.oz bottle lasted me a complete month with no problems. I actually had a bit for a couple days past.The smell was a bit different. It was not a perfume smell at all. It smelled a bit like Sprite the first time I used it. I would compare it to a more clean natural non chemical scent.

I did not experience any negative side effects or irritation from using the product. The only effects I saw at all was positive.

Day 7 of using Pure Nerium

Day 7 after using Pure Nurium Nightly Face Treatment

Day 14 using Pure Nurium starting to tell some results

Day 14 almost halfway through the bottle

Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment Results

The question we all want answered, did you see results. I could tell that my skin felt more refreshed and moist in the mornings almost immediately. It did take a couple days to really notice much else. It is a great product but it is not an overnight miracle. Over time I noticed that my skin was clearer than it had been in some time. I seemed to have more elasticity around my chin and neck. My skin felt and looked younger. I would say yes I saw results. Compare the pictures for yourself.

Day 21 of using Pure Nurium
Day 21 on the books

In Closing…Rating Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment

I would rate this product a five out of five star. I would recommend it to anyone wanting fresher, cleaner and more youthful looking skin. Who doesn’t want that right? Pure Nerium is a higher end product. The product is a good value. It is a bit more expensive than something you would find at Walmart but it is higher quality.

If interested in Pure Nerium you can speak with my friend. She will be able to help you find the best deals for your needs. Pure Nerium also offers other products for your beauty regimen. They also have a health and wellness line. Beautiful inside and out! Sounds like they have thought of everything. There was nothing I disliked about Pure Nerium Nightly Face Treatment.

Winding down to day 28 of Pure Nurium.
Day 28 and I love this stuff!

Reader’s Time to Shine

I love giving my readers a chance to ask questions or share their own stories. If you have any pressing questions after reading this review please leave them in the comments. Have you ever tried any of the Pure Nerium products? What was your experience or if not which product would you like to try? Please let me know in the comments below.

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