Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder Set

Magnetic knife holder set in package
Magnetic knife holder set in package
Information on back of package
Back of magnetic knife holder package

I got the opportunity to try this Sumpri magnetic knife holder set at the right time! My hubby watches cooking shows on YouTube and had seen a magnetic knife holder set like this. He said that he really liked it. After watching the video I agreed that it would be nice to have.

While surfing offers in Tomoson, a review site I use, I found the offer to apply to try a knife holder set for a fraction of the cost! I applied hoping to hear from the company. I was one of the lucky testers chosen and was able to purchase this product for .70. So here is what I have learned since purchasing and receiving Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder set.

Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder Unboxing and Decisions

You can find the un-boxing video at Rhonda’s Review Corner. Honesty is always the best policy so I will admit that I was concerned about the ability of the magnets to hold sharp knives well. I had never had life experience with these products and I was skeptical. The old saying is true however and you never know until you try it.

The set contained the screws and anchors need for attachment and use. This is like getting the toys and new batteries! Everything is ready to use. My biggest dilemma was deciding where the holders would be installed in my kitchen. My wall space is very limited due to my cabinets. I was unable to put them where I would have liked because they were just a bit too long at 15 inches. I finally found a spot, not ideal but it would work.

front of holder package
front of package
full back of package of knife holder
Full back on package
Screws and anchors that came with knife holder set for simple installation
screws and anchors on back of each set

Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder Installation

Installation was very simple and took just a few minutes once the spot was decided on. Using a drill my hubby quickly attached the holder to our wall. The holder is slim and installed nicely against the wall. Excitement was getting the better of me. I wanted to see if they were going to perform well enough to be part of my kitchen decor. My Pioneer Woman knife set is a beauty. I instantly knew it would be the chosen set to use. I had high hopes with not so high expectations.

Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder Performance

My Pioneer Woman knife set came with sheaths to store the knives in. I was curious to know if they would hold with these. I would have loved to keep the whole set together. The magnet was not able to hold the knives with the sheaths on. Really this was not a surprising discovery. Inside the sheaths very little of the knife shows. Could you really expect a magnet to be strong enough to hold plastic and all? Not realistically. I was ok with this finding. Remember I said my knives were pretty!

Once the sheaths were removed the knives were able to be held wonderfully by the magnetic power of the holder. The holder has two magnets on each bar. It is simple to just place the knife on each bar and the knife hold. I added five knives to one holder. Since they were of a set they were different kinds and sizes. Not a single knife has fell. I am really starting to like this idea and my expectations are growing!

Pioneer Woman Knife set being displayed on wall with magnetic knife holder
My beautiful knives displayed using one piece of the Sumpri magnetic knife holder
graphic of knives being displayed on wall with magnetic knife holder
smaller photo of knives being displayed

Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder Ease of Use

These holders are so simple to use. You simply place the knife you want to hold on each of the magnetic strips. You made need to adjust the area the knife is held to an area with plenty of metal depending on the weight of the knife. I have some that can be placed almost at the tip while others need to be halfway on the magnetic strips. When you need a knife you can just grab it and go. It will easily dis-attach from the strip. I am pretty sure I am in love!

In Closing and Rating…

I would rate this product as a 5 out of 5 stars. The product performance was honestly better than I expected. I have had no issues with the use of the holders. The biggest challenge for me was deciding where I could put them in my kitchen. I am considering moving them once I can find where I will like them best. Until then they will work just fine where they are now. I would recommend the product to family and friends or anyone wanting to clear kitchen drawer or cabinet clutter.

Personally, I prefer the magnetic holders to knife blocks. Knife blocks are big and bulky, not very attractive and usually in your way. Magnetic holders are just the opposite. They are slim and look nice on your wall. They are out of your way. You can also use them to display the blades of your choice or the ones you use most often. This set comes with two bars so you could do each! Lucky for me my pretty knives are the ones I use so I have the best of both worlds.

These holders are also affordable. Most are cheaper than other knife storing methods. They are also pretty easy to find online and in stores.

Graphic of knives being displayed claiming Sumpri magnetic knife holders to be best kitchen gadget
Voted best kitchen gadget by Review Guru Rhonda

Reader’s Time to Shine

Time to get reader input! Have you used magnetic knife holders before? Would it be something you would like to try? Share your experience, questions and comments below.

If you would like to try this product you can find the exact Sumpri Magnetic Knife Holder set that has been reviewed here.

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