Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Mani

 First let me say I lucked up and found these Sally Hansen Salon Effects at the local Dollar Tree for just a buck! These things are outrageous at Wal-Mart so I was pretty excited. Like normal when I find a good deal, I couldn’t buy just one. I bought a few different types to try. I really love the french mani look so I decided to try the gold glitter french mani pack first.

The box had detailed instructions on what you should do to apply this product correctly. I followed along. Let me begin by saying these are not what you would call difficult to apply but they do require some time. If you are familiar with the Jamberry products then these will not be a big deal and they will remind you of Jamberry quite a bit. The difference is you do not need heat to apply these they are more like a sticker. I also noticed that these were much thinner than Jamberry. This being said you must be careful not to tear the product while you are applying them. I trimmed mine down with nail clippers and then used the file provided in the box as it is suggested to use it.

I was happy with the end results once I got this product on all my nails. I am a bit off cue on even tips on every nail but since I always have this problem no one even thought twice about it. My nails looked nice and felt ten times better since I had trimmed back my cuticles and used oil on them as well.

The product says it will last for 10 days. I am sad to say that mine did not completely last that long. My first nail on my right hand began to show signs of wear on day 3 and then my pinky on the same hand chipped a bit a few days later.

My biggest gripe with the product is that it was a lot of work for only 3 days of wear. I wish the product was not so easy to tear. Folks who have trouble with their hands may mess up a couple before they are able to master the art of what to do. Lucky for me I only messed up one and there was plenty to take its place. I also had a bit of trouble finding the right size for my tiny nails. This meant that I had to cut more to make them fit properly. Not only did the ends need trimmed but I also had to trim from the sides.

I did like the price I spent to get this product. I did find the results were very pretty. Application was pretty easy but not something to try to do in a hurry. The box includes everything you need for application so there is no need to have to buy anything else.

I would give this product a 3 stars out of 5. The product does work but did not last as long as promised. Granted I did not go easy on this mani. I continued on with my daily life but I still think with a promise of 10 days I should have gotten at least 5 before I seen wear. If I have the opportunity to buy this product again at the deal I got and there is a design I like I would make the purchase but I would not give Wal-Mart price for this product. 

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