Great Pick Me Up & Carry Me Through Breakfast Addition!

 I am always trying to find something quick yet filling for breakfast. I also need something that is going to stick with me a while and if it gives me extra energy to power through the day even better. I had been struggling with my power breakfast and the pop tarts I was eating did not seem to be doing a whole lot for the sticking with me a while or giving me ANY energy. I was getting to work and within an hour or so I was starving. I changed all this when I discovered organic Matcha-Green Tea.

I will be the first to admit when I opened the bag I though how in the world could this ever be consumed. It is green and has a tea smell to it. You usually need a spoon to break up the clumps so that you do not get a ton more than you meant to. I had agreed to try the product so I had to come up with some kind of plan.

First, I experimented with a smoothie. I added a tea spoon of the Matcha-Green tea in with a tea spoon of cacao powder, some pineapple, a squeeze of Domino liquid agave nectar sweetener, and some coconut milk. To my surprise this was pretty good but I was not sure how I felt about the cacao powder in with it. Next, I decided to try just the Matcha-Green tea in with the coconut milk. It sounded like a great idea in essence but it turned out to be a total flop. The taste was quite dry, a bit bitter, and by every means horrible! I decided to mix in the Domino sweetener, a splash of vanilla flavoring and a few pineapples. This helped and turned out to be pretty good but I decided it was better with the cacao powder.

Last but not least I came up with a plan to try this in my coffee. I had some Folger Flavor Enhancers I had gotten from a Crowdtap campaign so I decided these and the tea would be a great morning get me going fix. I was drinking along and it wasn’t bad, until I got to the bottom of the coffee in my cup where I discovered all the Matcha tea! I have to say that last sip was rough. Lesson learned you stir, stir, and stir some more if you want this in your coffee.

I have made it a morning routine to add Matcha-Green tea to my breakfast in some way. I do this because I have found that when I drink this tea I am not as hungry when I get to work. In fact I don’t get real hungry for some time. I also think it helps with my energy. Best of all there is no crash from the energy you get from consuming the tea. I incorporate this into my breakfast every day now except for Saturday and Sunday when I have free will to eat when I want or sleep mostly when I want.

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for a honest unbiased review. This review has not been influenced in any way by this discount or the company Kiss Me Organics. The opinions here are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of this product.

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