Color Them Pretty & On the Go!

Are you an adult who loves to color but really don’t like the “kiddie” choices of books available in the stores? I have great news! Adult coloring book choices and purchases are on the rise. There are many choices to choose from when you search Amazon. I found an awesome one that has truly thought of everything. Not only is it a coloring book but it comes in a case with all kinds of goodies that is convenient for travel. No more boring long rides for me!

This wonderful creation I speak of is called LifeinColoring. This travel kit comes with not only a coloring book but also pencils, a detachable pouch, and even a pencil sharpener. It is wonderful and I love it! Curious to know about the items included. Read on….

Lets start with the case. The case has a very sturdy vinyl feel. This is great because should something get spilled on it or it get dirty in any way it will be very easy to clean up as good as new. It has a very good magnetic closure which keeps all your materials inside from pouring out during transport and on the go. The case itself is black with green lettering at the bottom which reads lifeincoloring. It is not bright or flashy so it does not stand out in the crowd and draw attention to you. This is great unless you like your binders to be blinged out “attention grabbers”.

Now lets get to the goodies inside the case. The coloring book itself is approximately 16 pages or so. The pages flip to the top and not the side making it easy to get the ones you are not working out out of your way. The pages are different designs ranging from a do it yourself doodle to a pretty butterfly and cool looking owl (2 of my favorites).

The pencils are a pretty snazzy idea. Keep in mind that these pencils are for beginners and not an artist grade, yet will get the job done. Most of us will be perfectly ok with these pencils because we probably are not partial to any particular ones just yet. They are held in nicely by loops inside the case. The loops are wide enough to keep the pencils secure in place so there is no having to run them down as you get up or exit your vehicle. The bottoms of the pencils are colored so that you know what color to expect with each one. There are 12 total pencils that come with this handy dandy kit. Colors are pretty basic red, pink, orange, yellow, a light and dark green, a light and dark blue, purple, brown, tan, and black. If you want fancy colors you may want to replace these with those because yes you can do that!

Now on to the pouch and the pencil sharpener. The pouch can be used for any other materials that you would like to take along with you that has not been included in the kit. Markers, crayons, gel pens, or what ever else you might have in mind. You already have a pencil sharpener tucked away just inside the zipper pouch. The pencil sharpener is nothing fancy. It is a simple pencil sharpener like us children of the 80s used to use in school over the trash can. It does not come with the fancy canister to catch your shavings so it might be a good idea to tuck away a zip lock bag in that pouch to catch those so you don’t make a mess. Should you decide there is nothing more you could need within this kit then the velcro will allow you to remove the pouch from your kit and get it out of your way or use it some where else that you do have a need for it.

More great news about this kit is that when you have completed the coloring book that is in it you can easily replace it. You can replace it with another top loading book or you can even use it for the common side flipping paged books. Another awesome feature is that this book is great for left or right handed folks. All you have to do to switch is flip the book from top to bottom. Keep in mind however if you flip it your letters in green at the bottom will be upside down at the top. This is not a problem unless you have to have your cover just so-so.

I love this kit. The quality seems to be very good. I expect this to last a good deal of time. I love my coloring time to just relax and unwind from the day but it is also my way of expressing my views on coloring my own little world. It is a great retreat for those creative folks who enjoy doing things “their own way”. It is your book, your picture, and you are the artist bringing it to life! Enjoy yourself and grab a lifeincoloring kit.

Interested in this product you can find it here on Amazon 

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This review has not in any way been influenced by this said discount or the company who makes this product. The opinions are 100% my own after my use and evaluation of the lifeincoloring traveling kit.

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