Keebler Simply Made Cookies

Nothing Brings a Boy More Joy Than a Hand Full of Cookies!

Nothing Brings a Boy More Joy Than a Hand Full of Cookies!

I am a Bzz agent as many of you know, which means I get to try awesome new products and then tell others what I think about them. Well I lucked up and got in a campaign for these Keebler Simply Made Cookies. I received a bzz kit which included two full size packs of cookies one chocolate chip and the other butter. Now that I have got to try these cookies I am ready to tell you what I have discovered! Are you not excited?

These cookies are a bit flaky/grainy for my preferred taste but they are still a good treat for the family. My son said if the texture is not right for your taste to try them with milk because the milk will tame the grain down. I did not try this myself so I am only speaking this from his suggestion. These cookies are not the overly sweet treats you may be used to picking up for a quick snack or dessert. They are sweet but not to the normal dessert level. So if you are not a sugarholic these cookies may be exactly what you have been craving. My husband on the other hand the choco sugarholic found them to be alright but just not sweet enough to fill the void in his sweet tooth. Over all I would give these cookies a 3 out of 5 stars. They are not bad and are a bit less sugar filled than some of the other sweet treats out there meaning they are a little more healthy, if there is such as thing as a healthy sweet treat. I am sure they can be found in the cookie aisle of most all big name retail merchandise stores such as Walmart. I am a bit off my A game here and can not tell you the retail price for Keebler Simply Made. I am sorry and I will try to do a better job next time! The best thing about these cookies are they are simply made in the pack when you buy them no need to mix, bake, and then eat!

With this said if you are not a bzz agent, as I am, but would like to check it out to try these awesome products like these for yourself check out

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