Some Stufz That Was…Stufz the Perfect Stuffed Burger…Rhonda Reviews

The perfect stuffed burger?

The perfect stuffed burger?

Well I have done it once again! I have fell victim to the cunning “as seen on tv” ads. My son found the commercial for the Stufz and saved it just so I could see it. Well those burgers looked delicious and when he said you could make jalapeno burgers I was a “goner”. I picked up my computer and began to place my order.

First let me say only an idiot would believe you are getting anything for “free”. $19.99 later I have 2 Stufz ordered and on their way in 2 to 6 weeks. I got one free but had to pay the shipping and handling driving my order up for something that I sure did not need but got anyway because after all it is FREE. It seemed like forever but the Stufz finally arrived!

Here is what I so sadly soon learned. I have only used this once and granted I may have over “stuffed” the Stufz. The burger did not have a very big bowl to place toppings in, I could not get the top and bottom of the burger to seal, and I had to try this thing a dozen times before I even got it to half way look like what it should have. So much for simple huh? As easy as 1, 2, 3 what a joke! Again maybe I did something wrong because it seems others really love their Stufz but as for me I chalk this up to another lame purchase on my part.

I do intend to try to use it again sometime with less meat this time and see if it works any better but I am not holding my breath for favorable results. On another sad note I made a burger placed stuffing in it and then added a top all by hand and had just about as good of results as those that I used the Stufz on.

All in all I give this a 2 out of a 5 star rating. I do not feel the product performed as promised. I am still very tempted to send them back but want to try it just once more just to be sure there is no hope. Call me a dreamer but man those burgers on the commercial looked so delicious and perfectly made. The only real pro I have found as of yet is that these things are dish washer safe and good thing too or else they would have probably done been in the trash.

I would like to know how many others out there are like me and seem to end up trying this “as seen on tv” crap even though we know it is probably not going to work.  For extra credit tell us the last “as seen on TV” product you bought and words of caution or wisdom on how the product did or did not perform as promised. I honestly expect to see more did not than did.

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