Glade Sense and Spray….Does it Really Keep Bad Ordors Away?

I am one of these people that when a new air freshener hits the market I want to be the first in line to try it so I was overjoyed when my husband threw a Glade Sense and Spray into our shopping cart at Walmart proclaiming “we are going to try this.”

My husband likes the citrus and tropical scents so he chose the Hawaiian Breeze scent. When we arrived home he opened the product and plopped it down on our dresser. It has been months since we purchased our Glade Sense and Spray and I am happy to say that it is still working on the same batteries that came with the product when we bought it. The thing lasts for what seems like forever, smells great, and now I am really wondering what the catch is. I expect that the refills will be outrageous so I browse down the Walmart aisle, not at all actually very cost effective when compared to the other spray air fresh units!

I loved this product so much that when I found a $2 off coupon from through mypoints that I just had to buy another one for my den. This time I chose the Cashmere woods. I can honestly say I like this scent even better than the Hawaiian Breeze. It reminds me almost of a mans cologne. So over all what have I learned as the pros and cons of this product?

PROS: Glade Sense and Spray comes in neutral colors other than just plain white, the one on my dresser is the light brown the one in my den is black matching my furniture. Awesome that it blends in with my decor in both rooms!
The price is reasonable for the unit when compared to other similar products and from what I have seen lasts much longer.
The refills seems to really last too…though I found a coupon again on for I think it was a dollar off two refills, I have not had to replace either of mine yet. As an added bonus these refills are only a couple bucks.
These units can be found in almost any place you shop in the air freshener aisle, so there are no special trips to make the purchase.
There are various scents to choose from for these units. I have become a big fan of the red honeysuckle scent this summer and have a refill waiting when one of my units does need to be changed.

The CONS: The only real con I can find is that after the unit sprays the smell does fade in a fairly short time.
The unit makes a hiss sound that can really freak you out when you turn on the lights in a dark room and it decides that it should spritz its lovely smell.

So now you have my spill on the Glade Sense and Spray. If you like a pleasant smell as you or guests pass through your home this is a great choice for your air freshener. The great thing is you do not have to look like you are trying to mask any terrible odors in your home, you walk by or turn on a light and the smell soon greets your nostrils!

This is the unit I have in my den

This is the unit I have in my den

After purchasing 3 of these units: one for the bedroom, den, and kitchen and also my son purchasing one for his room I have had a huge change of heart on how well these units perform.

Out of all the units purchased I think we have one that is not messed up. When they mess up they spray every few seconds until either all the spray is gone or until the battery in the unit goes dead.

I thought at first I messed the unit in the bedroom up when I changed the refill but I have since had two more to just up and spray nonstop for no apparent reason. So, all I can say is that once the last one breaks I am saying goodbye to the Glade sense and spray units.

They were a good thing for a little while but now are just laying with one battery beside them taking up space that I could be using for something else. I hear the trash can pleading with me to just toss them and I guess that is the only logical thing to do since there is no way to afford refills at the rate that these things are spraying. I must say I am upset and just a little heartbroken because I loved the cashmere woods and apple cinnamon refills.

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