Gentlemen Need Exfoliation Too

My husband is a “manly man”. He is not a manicure face care kind of guy. I could not believe when I got him to agree to try Valentia Exfoliating Scrub for Men. I honestly wondered if once I got it he would use it one time and never pick it up again. I just hoped if this happened that my son might like it because he does take good care of his skin. As a last resort I hoped it would not be something that was very gritty and horrible smelling so if all else failed even maybe I could put the product to use or my dad. I had a plan you see because I expected I would need it!

I got the scrub and handed it to my husband. He kind of just looked at it like “ok now what?” I asked him to use it and let me know his thoughts. The first few days it just sat there collecting dust. Finally I got him to try it. One use and he was hooked! He liked the product. He said it was very simple to use. Rub it on and then he washes it off in the shower. He did not have to wait for the product to sit like so many of the lady products you use on your face. He was very happy about that. He has been using this regularly since that first use.

The product has a manly smell but it is not over powering. This was wonderful because over powering scents the hubby has trouble with. The smell to me is like a mans deodorant or body wash. It has a nice mild manly scent. The container is simple. Just a black jar with a screw on lid. This was also a plus for my husband. He does not like all the bling or bells and whistles a lot of my products come with.

My hubby does have a beard. So even a beard does not halt the benefit of this product. He said the only thing that it seems like to him is he has to use a little more in the area where his beard is. The product washes out easily and does not leave his beard looking bad. It is not a greasy or oily product that leaves behind a nasty residue. The product goes a long way. Even with needing more for his beard the product is lasting him well.

Since my husband has started using this product regularly I have noticed his blemishes have cleared up. His skin looks clean and clear. His pores are not clogged and look healthy. In my humble opinion this product has helped his skin to look younger.

Women can use this product if they can get it away from their man long enough. It does not hurt a females skin. You can use very little of it. It leaves your face feeling clean and clear. I have tried it a few times just to get a feel for how the product performs. I am leaving it for my hubby however because I have a ton of these wonderful product to use for myself.

I have to give Valentia a huge kudos for making such a wonderful product for men. My husband has never used this type of product before. I am amazed he is using it regularly. He is all about simplicity and this product met those wants and has helped with facial problems that he has been experiencing. It would be crazy not to use it. 

I did receive this product for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This review has not been influenced by the means I obtained the product or the company making or selling the product. The opinions here are 100% my own after my observation of my hubby’s skin and a couple uses on my own.

If interested in this product for a man in your life you can find it here

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