The Right Cat Mat

TwoMeows cat litter mat is one of the cutest cat mats around! The mat is shaped like a cats paw and large enough to actually be of use. These mats come in a variety of colors including brown, grey,green, blue, and red. I got mine in the grey and it looks very good in my utility room where my cat box is.
The mat easily catches the litter off my cats paws when she jumps from her box keeping it from getting thrown all over my linoleum. I have much happier feet now when I am bare foot doing laundry! The mat is soft enough that cats do not mind stepping out on it. The rubber backing ensures that the mat stays put where you need it to be making it even easier to be sure that the litter does not get all over the place.
I love this mat! The cute design won me over but the way it works has me hooked. In addition to being cute and catching the litter this mat also makes clean up so easy. Simply put up the mat and shake it into the litter box, a trash can, or out side and that has the litter gone out of your way.
I received this product at a discount price or for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this post are all my own 100% honest and reached only after I used the product. If you are interested in this product please click here

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