Kegel Corner Taboo

Kegel exercises. Lets face it ladies many of us don’t know how to do them or if we are doing them if we are even doing them right. The thing is these exercises when done correctly can not only keep the spice in your love life but also help you maintain better bladder control as you age and help with prolapse. Now we can laugh well in to our golden years with dry pants so just say YES to bladder control!
This being said, I admit when I got invited to try the Intifit Premium Kegel Exceriser Training Kit I almost said no. This is a product all us ladies could learn to use to benefit our health but at the same time it is an intimate subject that I am going to have to tell the world about! I decided if it could help me and other ladies out there then why not try it out and blog my heart out!
I am glad I did decide to try this kit. It is so very simple to use. The kit comes in a nice little box which includes the medical grade silicone devices, an easy to read instruction manual, and a tiny black pouch you can easily store your product in discreetly. Since everything is so small you can easily store them where ever you would like and no one has to be the wiser. The instruction booklet will tell you which device you should begin using and how to use it. It even comes with an exercise plan to help you on the road to stronger pelvic muscles.
The tiny almost tad pole like tails on the devices make them more user friendly than the old fashioned regular ben wa balls in my opinion. In reality there is no worries of losing a device like ben wa balls there but it is a fear that most ladies have when they are first experimenting with this type of product. The silicone is also a more comfortable temperature than the old metal ben wa balls. The product is designed so that it is not uncomfortable to use. The silicone is a bit “drier” than the old fashioned metal so you may need to use a water based lubricant for full comfort. ONLY use WATER based lubricant because others could damage the silicone these devices are made of.
During use you can feel that the product is working. You can tell when your muscles tighten. This lets you know that you are doing the exercise correctly and should see results over a period of time if you continue to use your kit. Clean up is as painless as use! Another perk that I noticed was that I loved the pretty feminine color (rose) that my device came in.  
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review (lucky duck me)! The discount or company did not in any way influence this review. The review is written in my own honest opinions of the product after my evaluation. YES! I would recommend this product to family and friends as well as any ladies out there who would like to improve bladders, muscle loss from pregnancies, or to just help combat prolapse.
If you have a need for this type of product or would just like to check it out click here
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