Website That Pays You

Looking for a website that pays you? Amazon Mechanical Turk might be the answer!
Looking for a website that pays you? Here might be your answer!

Ever needed to earn a bit of cash online? Did you not know where to start? I can help with that! I have a very good website that pays you…every…single…month that you earn cash. If this is what you are looking for read on!

Meet the Website That Pays You

The absolute best website that I have found that pays you on a monthly basis for your work is MTurk. Mturk is a site that you can sign up for through another well known company, Amazon. It is really simple to find the sign up page by searching for Amazon MTurk. I really like the site for a few reasons I will discuss next. Like any other site however there are a few things that I have discovered that I also dislike which will also be discussed.

The Pros of MTurk

MTurk Dashboard showing earnings
Dashboard shows everything at a glance
Dashboard showing earnings, HITs overview and earnings to date
So easy to track everything

There are a ton of things that I like about MTurk. I have been with MTurk for years. I just recently started working it again. Year to date I have earned $211.57. Pretty good for a side gig. You earn based on how much effort you put into it, the qualifications you receive, and if you receive any bonuses from the work you do. It all adds up. I also love that you work MTurk as you want. You are not required to do a lot of work. I would recommend doing at least a hit every few months. I try to do some work every month. The new payment system is amazing! You work each month and choose a payment date for earnings to be transferred to your account. Like magic the payment shows up on the date chosen!

If you want to work MTurk often there are usually new HITS (jobs) you can do. I love that you can set a number of hits goal and also a reward goal. As you complete hits the bars will show the progress toward your goals. I set my goals daily because I have found they reset each time I log in to my dashboard. This brings me to another thing I love about MTurk. The dashboard shows you a very detailed account overview on your earnings, hits accepted, hits rejected, your overall approval rating and so much more!

It Sounds Good but Wait!

I know this all sounds wonderful and you are probably chomping at the bit to go sign up. However, I do like to give full reviews. In order to give you the full MTurk review, I have to also give you the Cons I have found with MTurk. Before you rush to sign up let me give you the full overview.

The Cons of MTurk

I believe in full honesty when it comes to reviews. To fulfill that, I am going to have to share a few things that might have you think about MTurk in a slightly different light. This is not to say you won’t sign up; it is just to say you realize what you are getting yourself into when you do.

Biggest Peeve

My biggest pet peeve about MTurk is with the HIT system. A HIT is the jobs you do on MTurk to earn. You want each HIT you do to be approved so you are paid and qualify for future hits from the requester and others. The problem is often you can only do a hit one time. If you work daily or weekly you may accidentally repeat a hit. This WILL result in the hit being rejected. It also often results in you no longer being allowed to complete hits for that requester. In addition your hit rejection rate is affected which in turn affects your overall approval rating, which you also want to be high. This is much easier to do than it should be. It has happened to me. I have made suggestions to MTurk to help with this but have not seen any change.

The system needs a way to track hits so workers can not do a hit more than once that states you can only do it once. If you really work the site you may do many hits a day, there is no way to remember all that you do. Trust me on that! The system needs a way to tell you that you are not able to do this HIT again because you already did it. As a worker the only HIT tracking done is approval and rejection. It can be difficult to find out what HIT for HIT you have completed. If you took this kind of time you would likely not be able to dedicate any time to actually WORKING new HITs.


Assigned qualifications are what you can work on MTurk the website that pays you
Website that pays assigned qualifications
Pending qualifications are what you have applied for but are not yet approved to work
Pending Qualifications

Next, the qualification system is a bit messy. You can filter HITs by what you qualify to work and all available. I usually sort by qualify first, so that I can get some work done. Once I have filtered through all I qualify for and have completed the ones of interest, I sometimes sort through all. This gives me a chance to request qualification for new hits I find interesting. Sometimes this goes smoothly. I may be accepted for some new hits and get more work. The problem arises in that you do not exactly know who approved you and who rejected you. If you later accidentally request the same qualification you may get a nasty message that you have previously requested and was denied or accepted. Some requester’s may then also refuse to work with you. All because of a simple mistake and a system that needs improving.

This is likely not a easy fix. There is a ton of information that would need filtered. I understand that but don’t get huffy and be mean when a simple mistake is made. In a world of information, it happens. Don’t kick someone out just because they asked to be qualified multiple times! Heck if they are that interested in your work, maybe you should consider giving them a chance to check out what you have to offer!

Another Small Quirk for This Website That Pays You

The blue screen you see when there is no task available on a job you accepted
The waste time screen that makes me so angry!

I have found a lot of HITs that sound fun. I usually just accept them to begin working. You can preview them and get an idea of what the requester is looking for. Sometimes once you accept or preview it will tell you that there is nothing there yet build something amazing. You must then return the HIT so your score is not affected. There is nothing you can do there because the HIT has been entered into the system BUT not created.

I wish that the HIT could not be uploaded to workers until there was actually a HIT there to work. This can waste a lot of time for workers. I would like to say only a few HITs have this problem but I have found a lot over my time working HITs. MTurk should make an area for requester’s where they can upload HITs that they are still working on that is not ready for workers to work yet. This would not only save workers time but also improve the quality of the site.

Last Peeve I Promise!

Filter option for HITs
Options to filter HITs
All filters available on this website that pays you MTurk
All HITs filtering available

Last, you can work hard and earn little. My daily HITs goal is set at 15 my reward goal (earnings) is set at $4.00. I have my qualification filter set to not give me any hits worth less than a dime. There are some that only pay a penny! I do NOT want to take a lot of time, if any, on those, so my filter does not show them to me. Many days I will reach my hit goal and still not reach my reward goal. Some days it is opposite. Those are the good days.

My advice for this is not system related. My advice is for you; the worker. Look through the hits that you can perform. Use your time wisely by choosing higher paying hits of interest first. Next, do the hits you find interesting. Don’t force yourself to do HITs that you have no interest in. It will become boring and you will stop doing it. If you have an amount you want to earn per HIT, use your filter to only see HITs of that amount and up. I will warn you the higher you set this amount, the less HITs you will see. My biggest piece of advice is to work as you find time and want to. Have fun with it. If you get tired, take a break. I work once a week to keep HITs fresh and cut down on reworking ones I am not supposed to.

Website That Pays You…in Closing

MTurk is a website that pays you. You will not get rich from working on MTurk but you can earn some extra spending cash, build a savings nest egg or help meet a bill. I once was earning enough to pay a small monthly credit card payment. MTurk still has a lot of quirks but it is good legit site. Complete qualifications to receive HITs from new people. Overall, have fun and enjoy it!

As far as I know there is not referral program at this time but you can sign up by going to Click the get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk orange button. Then choose Make Money create a worker account. Fill in the information that is requested. Your account should be ready to start earning with MTurk! Have fun and happy earning!

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