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all the goodies!I am all about being honest in my reviews so I will tell you right off that when I decided to apply to the xsboom promotion from giveaway services I was certain I was getting a product that I would try out and then pass on to my son or my husband. I could not have been more wrong! I got this little egg-sized blue fella in the mail in a nice little black box along with everything I needed to get started listening to my music right away. Upon opening the box I saw the speaker neatly packed in a piece of foam to avoid damage. Beneath the speaker was a tiny black pouch containing my cord to connect the speaker directly to my phone, a charger, and an instruction booklet to tell me how to get started jamming out to my tunes.
First, I decided to hook up the speaker with the cord just to get a feel for the sound, it sounded pretty good so I decided to see how simple it would be to connect it to my bluetooth. I read the instructions and sure enough it was so simple! I hit the button on the bottom of the speaker to turn it on, went into my settings in my phone and turned on my bluetooth and in just a few seconds I saw the option to connect to xsboom. It played awesome through the bluetooth as well.

xsboom box

Now when I enjoy my warm relaxing baths I can also enjoy my tunes thanks to xsboom! Since I have had such a positive experience I have decided to hang on to my speaker for myself. I have ran out of power with my speaker once and had to recharge. This is also such a simple process. Plug your charger into your computer and then into your speaker. In about an hour and a half you are good to enjoy your tunes once again. Since I charged mine I have listened to it a couple times and so far I have still not had to re-charge though I am sure it is coming again soon. The battery life is actually pretty good.
I feel if you are an on the go type that enjoys taking your music along this is a great little speaker. The bluetooth allows for easy transport because there are no cords or wires. The size makes it easy to put in a pocket or pouch. You can also still receive your calls while you are listening to your xsboom so it is like having your hands free device and music all in one!
speaker & pouch  The only gripe I have found is the fact the volume is controlled by my phone and I am not real happy with the max sound that I can get from my phone. The speaker sounds awesome and I think it could push a little more than my phone allows. Overall however I am happy and would not go back to just listening to my music play through my phone. This speaker sounds so much better!
Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmbc0c06456b3c6d29acf100c89ee9b1d3

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