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Do you enjoy playing online games? If so, you’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing my top 2 gaming apps that pay. The apps are listed in the order that I prefer to use them. I will explain a bit about each one and why I like them.

Gaming apps that pay App icon for App Flame. A small red square with a white flame in it.
Gaming apps that pay
Icon for App Flame in the Google Play Store
Gaming apps that pay App icon for MistPlay. Small blue dots on a black background.
Gaming apps that pay
Icon for MistPlay in the Google Play Store

Gaming Apps That Pay Choice 1. App Flame

My favorite gaming app that pays is App Flame. App Flame is an app that pays you to download and play games on their platform. It is currently available for Android users in the Google Play Store. App Flame is a free download and does not charge you to play any of their games. The download is fast and simple. Now that you know a bit about what App Flame is we will take a look at a couple pros and cons.

Gaming apps that pay App Flame loading page red with the word App a white flame and then the word Flame
Gaming apps that pay App Flame loading page

App Flame Pros

App Flame is fairly easy to earn with. I play a few different games and have not reached earning caps on any of them. I honestly don’t know that there are caps. App Flame is simple to use. You can check your downloaded games to see how long you need to play to reach your next coin level and what it will be. They also have a good amount of rewards you can cash out for. Some of the rewards don’t take long to reach especially since you get a bonus for just signing up. In addition to the signup bonus you can also refer friends for a referral bonus. Maxing out all options allows you to reach payout faster. This being said there are some cons that I am not exactly fond of with App Flame.

list of games and total coins of an actual account
A look at my actual games I have played and coin balance

App Flame Cons

No app is perfect and they all come with some cons. App Flame has a few I feel is worth knowing about. My biggest pet peeve with App Flame is the way that earning works. The longer you play a game the more time you are required to play to earn. When you first download a game the earnings are super fast but after playing for a while it takes a long time to earn your coins. You do earn more for the longer time but the justification of the earning to time seems a bit low. In other words, play for fun not trying to make a living or get rich. It is not going to happen.

Most people, me included, are not happy with the game choices. There is just not a lot to chose from. It can be difficult to find a game available that you will enjoy playing. Since you have to play to earn it can be an annoyance. What I often will do is download a game to just try out, even if I don’t think I am going to really like it. You will earn while you test the waters. If you decide it is not for you just delete the game from your phone. It will still show up in your apps on App Flame but will not be taking up space on your phone. There is currently one game offered on my app. Many of the games are slot related. I do not enjoy these type games but if you do you would be in luck.

A look at the actual available game downloads for account
Gaming apps that pay actual look at App Flame downloads available to me

Why I Recommend App Flame

I recommend App Flame because I have earned quite a few coins while messing around with the app. I have discovered some fun games I still play and some that just wasn’t for me. Over time I have installed 19 games. 6 of them have been deleted. 4 of them are actively played. The rest I play when I get bored and want to do something else for change. I currently have 329609 coins. This is enough to get me the top tier reward in all but a couple of the categories. 182667 coins can get you a $20 at Amazon or Paypal. 93188 coins can get $10 Walmart, T.G.I Fridays, or Starbucks card. This is not all the rewards just some I have looked at myself.

If you are interested in giving this app a try I have a few tips for you First, check the app often for new games. They can come and go quickly. If you see something you think you might like, try it. If you wait and come back later it may not still be available. Second, take advantage of the referral bonuses by sharing with your friends who also enjoy games. Last, go into this with the expectation of earning a bit for something you already do. You will not earn a lot. If you earn a bit here and a bit some where else though you can combine all earnings into a nice little nest egg for a big item purchase over time or a little spending cash though out the year. Joining can be as simple as scanning the QR code below!

A QR code for referrals
My QR referral code. Just scan it!

Gaming Apps That Pay Choice 2. MistPlay

MistPlay is similar to App Flame with a few differences. Those differences are what landed it in spot 2 instead of 1. MistPlay, like App Flame is currently only available to Android users through Google Play Store. It is also free to download and use. If you are familiar with playing games online this app will be very simple for you to understand and get set up. Let’s take a look at those pro’s and con’s.

list of downloaded games and those available for download
Page you see when you go to the game tab
View of a couple game choices offered in gaming apps that pay MistPlay
Gaming Apps that pay MistPlay game choice page

MistPlay Pros

MistPlay offers users a daily bonus. Log in to any game you have downloaded and play for 5 minutes each day to claim your daily reward. As you log in more over time your earnings per day will grow. Miss a day however and you will be set back to day one and have to start all over. MistPlay also offers regular contests for players to enter for extra prizes. Prizes and what is required to be entered varies. You can check the contest tab to see what contest is running and what is required for you to enter. They are usually very simple tasks.

MistPlay is said to offer games based on your region. I have a lot more games to choose from with this app. Their games are broken down into categories new arrivals, casual, war, puzzle, Tycoon, simulation, match 3, and other games. Some games will be in more than one category. I currently have 28 games in my new arrivals but confess NOT all of those are new though a lot of them are.

The reward selection is nice with MistPlay. They do not however offer cash, check or Paypal. They do offer Amazon, Visa, Google Play,iTunes, Ebay and more gift cards. 3,000 points is equal to $10 4,500 is $15, 7,500 is $25 and so on. I currently have 7,810 points. I have used this app less time than App Flame.

Some higher end rewards in the Mist Play store.
Gaming apps that pay MistPlay store higher end rewards
Lower end rewards in the MistPlay store
MistPlay store lower end rewards

MistPlay Cons

The biggest con I have with MistPlay is there is earning caps on the games. I have maxed out a couple of the games I play. This means that in essence I now play those games for free. You can still earn the daily bonus playing the maxed out games but you will not earn any other types of points. Level 20 seems to be the max for most of the games. Despite the caps on earning the longer you play these games the slower your points come, just like with App Flame.

What you earn for each game can also be tricky. Each game will tell you what you earn in Units which is currency exchange toward your rewards and in PXP which is your experience in the game. The more each of these have the more you earn. They are subject to change. Some games will go up higher giving you more and some may bottom out giving you very little. If you are serious about your gaming this is something to pay attention to. I focus on the fun and even still play my maxed out games.

options available under the bonus tab in MistPlay
MistPlay bonus tab options

Why I recommend MistPlay

There are plenty of games to choose from, at least on my app. Unless you have maxed out a game as long as you play you earn at least a little something. If you are not happy with a game just delete it and try something else. Earning can be faster or slower depending on the games you chose. They also have a referral program to help you earn at a faster rate. I currently have 17 games in my keep playing list. 3 have been deleted,, 2 have been maxed out and I actively play 2 of them I am earning from and 1 I have maxed on. I have logged in daily for 174 days. I have 7810 points units.

The only real tips I have for MistPlay is to keep an eye on your units and PXP as you play. If a favorite game happens to double play it more. If it falls off either earn at that rate or give it a while to see if it goes back up. Try new games offering high Units and PXP as they are available. If you don’t like them you can delete them off your phone when the value becomes less. Grab games you think you want to try as you see them. Like with App Flame they can disappear really fast. Some may not be offered again. Have fun and make a bit on the side doing something you would probably do anyway. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t expect to make a living.

Gaming apps that pay players MistPlay profile
My actual MistPlay profile…don’t judge me because I love to game!

Gaming Apps That Pay In Closing

So there you have it. These are my top two favorite gaming apps that pay. They each have pros and cons. One might be better for you than the other. I downloaded both for a larger variety of games and more opportunities to earn. Just be serious about your expectations going into the gaming app world and you will not be disappointed. Time invested to pay out is very low BUT I was going to play something anyway. Why not get paid to do it? I am a gamer. It is in my blood. I love it! Ignore the total time played above! I am only slightly ashamed!

These apps also offer chat functions so you can meet like minded people. I have met some pretty amazing people through some of the games I have chosen to play. Of course, you’re not required to chat, if you do not want to. Most of the games are social and do require you to play as part of a team but not all do. Even the games that do require no real communication skills. Communicating with your team can help you progress more quickly in the game.

Reader’s Time to Shine

Do you use any gaming apps that you earn from I did not mention here? If so please drop the app name and a bit about it in the comments with your referral link. I will sign up under the person who has given me the most useful and persuasive information on the app! Just a little reward for sharing your helpful knowledge.

In return if you decide to give these gaming apps that pay a chance, look me up. I would be happy to connect with you. You can do farther research or sign up now here for MistPlay and scan the QR code for App Flame.

App flame referral QR code
App Flame QR referral code

If you have any questions for me or you need a personal invite to App Flame please provide me your email and contact me directly here. If you want to stay up to date on all my review things like and follow Rhonda’s Review Corner.

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