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I am always searching for new fun ways to earn money with my time online. Anyone else share this desire? If so you are in the right place! Today I am going to be sharing my experience with the Lucky Day Lotto app. Ready for the deets? Be sure to read everything to get a full picture of the app and the real low-down review!

What is the Lucky Day Lotto App Exactly

Lucky dog scratch ticket
Lucky Dog lotto ticket
Lucky Day Lotto app when opened
Lucky Day Lotto App Opened
Jackpot lotto with chosen numbers
Jackpot Lotto

The Lucky Day Lotto app is not a game app per say. It is more of a lotto app. I compare it to a state lottery. Lucky Day is entirely free to download and play. Lucky Day Lotto is not a pay to play app. In fact, unlike many of the other apps you will find Lucky Day does not require any in-app purchases or deposits. It is entirely FREE! You have as equal chance of winning as the next person. This makes the app fun and enjoyable because the playing field is level.

So How Do You Earn On Lucky Day

Raffle wheel to spin for raffle tickets
scratch off ticket
Tickets won on a wheel spin
Cash rodeo scratch off ticket
Tickets won for grocery raffle
Lucky Day Lotto Scratch off ticket that won 10,000 tokens!

Lucky Day has free daily scratch cards, like the ones you would buy if you are playing a state lottery. A daily lotto, much like power ball, is also available for you to choose your numbers. You also have the chance to spin their wheel and earn tickets into their raffles for things like cash, groceries for a month, gas and more!

You also collect a daily reward of tokens when you log in. The more often you log in the bigger the reward. If you miss a day you start back at day one. They have extra ways to earn by inviting friends, watching videos, taking surveys and doing special offers. They also offer a black jack game you can use to bet your tokens. If you win you get more tokens, if you lose you lose tokens. How big you win or lose is based on how big you get.

Lucky Day Lotto Pros

 Daily log in bonus
Lucky Day Lotto daily log in bonus
Bonus for scratching 27 tickets in one day
Tokens won for scratching 27 tickets in a day

Finding the pros of Lucky Day Lotto is pretty easy. Lucky Day never leaves you empty handed. Even if you do not win the main prize on your scratch tickets you still win tokens. You will get at least two tickets each time you spin the wheel for raffle entries. You will receive coins immediately after you watch a video.

Tokens add up fairly quickly. There are many different gift cards to choose from. Value of the cards are based on the amount of tokens you are cashing out. You can set your goal that you want to reach and then the app will track how far away you are to reaching it. This app is not very time consuming. You are not required to log in a ton of different times throughout the day.

Come Out With The Cons!

Lucky Day Lotto reward options
Reward Options
some rewards that are sold out
some sold out rewards
more rewards sold out for the day
more sold out rewards

Okay, so Lucky Day is not con free, there are a few things that I consider cons. When I first started playing Lucky Day Lotto I would not only win tokens but on occasion I would actually win real money. My account reached $10 and I never win any cash value anymore. Honestly, I’m not even sure it is still part of the app. I wish that cash value was still available. I love earning tokens toward rewards, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about seeing real cash being added to your account.

Gripe number two is the availability of the rewards that are offered. When I look in the reward section I see many of the gift cards are sold out for the day. It doesn’t mean you can’t get it, you just can’t get it today. In my opinion having more of popular options might be a better way to do rewards instead of so many options. I get that you want to appeal to many different people but you also want people to be able to get what they want when they want. I can guarantee that Amazon and Paypal are going to be two very popular options, so keep those well stocked and have different tiers of cash out.

Kinda Con Kinda Not

Black Jack option in Lucky Day
Lucky Day Black Jack
Black Jack open and ready to play
Black Jack opened to play

I am putting ads in the con section because let’s be honest, we hate them. This app has to be funded some way and they do it through ads, lots of ads. After scratching a few cards you will then have to watch an ad. If you do not watch the full ad you will not be able to continue scratching cards. The ads are most of the time repeat things they have already showed you. They become uninteresting in other words. The good news, the ads are fairly short so it is over and you can continue on with your scratching. On another note I sometimes find other very cool looking games to be on the lookout for on my gaming apps! So this is not a complete con.

So Break it all Down,Lucky Day Lotto Worth My Time?

Randomly chosen lucky day lotto numbers
Lotto numbers I randomly chose
raffle to check to find out the winner
Raffle to check for winning
additional ways to earn tokens
other options to earn tokens

I enjoy Lucky Day Lotto. I give them a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The reason being the reward issue described above.

It is a app that is fairly quick to do each day. You will never visit the app and NOT get tokens. So if you open the app at all you are going to be earning some tokens toward rewards which you can pick. This makes it worth while to me. The more you do, the more you earn. I usually log in and do all I have available ticket, lotto and raffle wise while I am there. If I am short for time I will do what I can and come back later. Check the app nightly because there are usually more scratch tickets available then as well.

So to answer this question it depends on what you find worth while. If you like earning for little effort, then yes it is worth while. If you want to quit your job and earn a living then no this is not going to be for you.

Reader’s Time to Shine

Does Lucky Day Lotto sound like an app you would like to try or do you already play? Share your experience with us or tell us why you think you might give it a try. Other experiences are just as valuable as my own. Others may be found something of value that I have not, so please do not hesitate to comment below.

If you are ready to give it a try it is pretty simple! Search your app store, I have Google Play, for Lucky Day. If you would like to join with my code I would be forever honored to have you, D3G2JDB. You may also use my name Rhonda M on the line that asks did a friend invite you. I will be glad to help you with any questions you may have and get you started toward earning your own awesome rewards!

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