Bella Hoot Nail Wraps

3 sets of nail wraps. The first sailor, second a purple white matte, and last silver glitter with black butterfiles.
Some Options from Bella Hoot Nail Wraps

I love having pretty and affordable nails. When I was working I would have them done at the salon. Once I decided to quit my job $35 bucks every week or two was a bit steep. There had to be a better way! Enter Bella Hoot nail wraps!

Bella Hoot Nail Wraps Affordability

Photo of Bella Hoot Nail Wrap website with two catagories
Some shopping categories
Valentines Day Nail Wraps
Picture of some Valentine’s Day Nail Wraps
Premium nail wraps
Premium Wraps

Bella hoot has different choices when it comes to buying your nail wraps. You can shop while supplies last, exclusive designs, premium polish strips, seasonal and wade cota categories. Most packages will contain 14-16 wraps. The premium strips will contain 18-22 wraps. Premium wraps range in price from $4.00 t0 $8.00. Other wraps run $3.50 to $7.00 unless you get more than one pack of wraps which is $12.00. Two packs are usually supporting a type of cause. Right now there are Alzheimer’s Foundation of America fundraiser and Australia Fire fundraiser.

Bella Hoot Nail Wraps are Easy to Use

Silver glitter nail wraps with black butterflies
Real Nail Polish Strips from Bella Hoot
Instructions for applying wraps
Instructions for application

In addition to affordability Bella Hoot nail wraps are very easy to use. If pressed for time you can use them as instructed. One wrap will do each nail. If you have time on your hands you can squeeze in an extra manicure by cutting the wrap in half. This works wonders unless you have exceptionally long nails, in which case you will have to use the wraps as instructed.

All that you have to do is clean your nail with alcohol before you file and smooth the nail. You will choose the wrap that most closely matches the size of your nail. Place the rounded side at the base of your nail, sticky side down. Firmly smooth out any wrinkles. File the excess strip along the edge of your fingernail. That is it for application! You now have a simple and beautiful manicure that will last from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on what you put your nails though.

Such Simple Application but How do I Get Them Off?

Bella Hoot Nail Wraps with Paris theme
Nail wraps with Paris design
How to apply Paris theme nail wraps
Application instructions

Getting Bella Hoot wraps off is almost as simple as putting them on! You can remove them with the nail polish remover of your choice. You do not have to use any special tools or acetone. Sometimes you can simply peel them off and then go over the nail with nail polish remover. Removing them like a peel off sticker can cause some icky nails so I do not really recommend this method but it is the quick way.

More Than a Single Manicure, How Do I Store My Left Overs?

Extra nail wraps stored in original plastic with heart paper clip
This is how I store my extra nail wraps

Storing Bella Hoot nail wraps is also very easy. Simply store the extra wraps at room temperature. Reseal the left overs to keep them from drying out. I usually leave mine in their original package sealed with a sturdy paperclip. Depending on how you use your Bella Hoot Nail Wraps you can get as many as 3 manicures from a package! So much more affordable than the salon!

Bella Hoot Nail Wraps in Closing

Sailor theme wraps
Love this design
Watercolor looking pinkish purple and white wraps
Looks almost like watercolor

I love feeling pampered as much as the next girl but I am on a tight budget since I no longer have a public job. I have to find frugal ways to enjoy pampering. Bella Hoot Nail Wraps has been able to provide me with my desired nails for a fraction of the cost. I can get the look I want whether it be design or solid. There are glitter, matte, French, and all sorts of choices to choose from. The only down side that I really find is I have to do the work myself! Really it is not much of a downside when I am able to do my nails when I am ready, free of appointments or someone else’s schedule.

Reader’s Time to Shine

Glitter butterfly wraps
Wrap 1.
Sailor theme wraps
Choice 2.
water colorish wraps.
Option 3.

Which wraps above are your favorite? Have you ever tried Bella Hoot Nail Wraps or any other nail wrap? Share your experience with us below. I would love to hear your story!

If you think that Bella Hoot might be the company for you, check out their products. If you decide to try them please let me know your thoughts!

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