OTC Cold Sore Treatments

Lip Clear & RELEEV two OTC Cold Sore Treaments
Two OTC Cold Sore Treatments: Lip Clear & Releev. Do they perform?

Ever had one of those days you wake up with what you believe to be a horrendous cold sore on your lip? You want to just go back to bed and hide until it clears up. I have been there, not long ago actually. I am going to share my experience with two OTC cold sore treatments that I personally tried.

OTC Cold Sore Treatments Lip Clear

Lip Clear on a Qtip
Just a bit is all that is needed
Lip Clear applied to cold sore
Lip Clear applied to cold sore and rubbed in with Qtip
Rubbed in with Qtip

The first day I felt the cold sore coming on with irritated dry lips I chose to ignore the symptoms. Lesson here, don’t do that! The following day I awoke to be greeted by a very irritated cold sore. I could no longer ignore the now bluntly obvious.

I reached for my Lip Clear that I keep on hand. It has Lysine which is one of the best defenses against cold sores. I picked this up at the local Walmart. Lip Clear was very affordable when compared to some of the more well known OTC products for cold sores. I used the product multiple times for a few days. On the plus side, my lips were moisturized and not as dry and painful but the fever blister was still there. Lip Clear did not cause any discomfort or burning during use but it was just not working as fast as I had hoped. Meantime I have another idea forming. What if I used Lip Clear with another product to cut the healing time down? This lead me to the discovery of the next product I decided to try.

OTC Cold Sore Treatments RELEEV

RELEEV bottle
RELEEV OTC Sold Sore Treatments
Holding bottle of RELEEV with a bit on the tip of a finger
Product can be seen on the tip of my finger

While shopping at my local Dollar General I browsed by their OTC cold sore treatment section. The options were very limited but there were a couple items to choose from. I read package after package and decided to give RELEEV a try. The product was very affordable, I think maybe around $5. Packaging claimed cold sores would clear up just after a days use. Yes, I should have known that claim would be false but it sounded good!

Like Lip Clear, I used RELEEV a couple times daily. I experienced no pain or discomfort using the product but I also did not get the moisturizing relief that I had from Lip Clear. It would stop the pain for maybe 30 minutes to an hour if I was not eating or drinking. RELEEV did not perform as promised and I was greeted by that same darn cold sore the following morning.

OTC Cold Sore Treatments in Closing…

OTC Cold Sore Treatments Lip Clear Tube
OTC Cold Sore Treatments First Choice
OTC Cold Sore Treatments RELEEV Bottle
Just a Choice in OTC Cold Sore Treatments

I continued to use these products for around a week to a week and a half before I finally got rid of that pesky cold sore. I should have immediately used Lip Clear when I felt it coming on. These pesky things are better dealt with immediately and quickly for the fastest healing time. Be sure to have OTC treatments on hand if you are a common sufferer.

As far as a recommendation of either of these products, I would vote for Lip Clear. Lip Clear did not make any claims for a day or two clearing but promised to help you get relief as you healed. The product did this with a moisturizing element and eased irritation. It was a slow process but over time I did finally heal! I would give Lip Clear a 4 out of 5 stars just because I would have liked a faster healing time.

RELEEV I felt like did not deliver the promises made. I did not heal in a day, in fact, I did not heal in two days. I got a little relief with the product but just for the pain of the cold sore. In my humble opinion, a product needs to be able to deliver on claims made. If you can’t provide the results then don’t promise the customer you can. I would leave this product as a try at your own discretion. You will likely feel like you wasted your money, or at least I did. On a star scale I could not give RELEEV more than a 2 out of 5. Why 2? I felt like I did get some relief with the product and it was affordable.

Reader’s Time to Shine

What is your go to OTC for a cold sore? I love anything with Lysine but was not entirely impressed with either of these products. Please comment below with what works best for you! Let’s share our knowledge and help each other learn and prosper!

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