Do You Want to Tan Your Hide? Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelettes

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I have to say this was one opportunity that I had to think on before I accepted because self tanning is something I don’t normally do. I have a fear of an orange glow, an uneven tan, or nasty looking ankles and knees. These things have to be done just right you know. I did decide however with summer around the corner and me with no plans on getting much sun or using a tanning bed that this might be a favorable option to get a little glow on this pale skin of mine. Here is what I have discovered about me and self tanning.
There are 20 individually wrapped towelettes in the box I received. Each one is simple to open and simple to use. Open the dispense side of the box, take out one packaged towelette, tear the package open and then you are ready to begin rubbing on your tan. I only used these on my legs and feet to begin because I wanted to see how well I could do with application before I tried to tan anywhere that might actually be seen. When I first used the towelette I didn’t think it had done very much but by that night I could easily see where that I had tanned. The next day I tried to even up the tan with the areas that were a bit lighter. I continued on this path seeking my even tan however I have a couple spots that just refused to take the tan despite me using the towelettes in these areas first. The parts that tanned looked nice but the spot that would not tan kind of just messed up my whole mojo!
I did like the product and really don’t think my tanning spot problem is related to the problem but more over something about my skin. One towelett did both my feet and legs. I would just try to alternate where I started with each towel because the first part of the application was when the towelett was the wettest.
If you are an experienced self-tanner who uses this type of product this one is wonderful for its ease of use and convenience. I did not have any orange look to my skin. I would have liked a little more freedom to add even amounts of product each time I used it but rotating out the areas I started with seemed to work pretty well. I would suggest using gloves during application so that you do not turn your hands any odd colors. Overall I was pretty happy with this product I would say a 4 out of 5 stars. I have just decided until I can figure out why I have a spot that will not tan maybe I should just halt with the applications.
If this is a product that you are interested in please see their Amazon listing here.
I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This review has not been influence from the discount or company in any way. There are my honest opinions of the product and how they performed for me. I would not recommend or endorse in any way a product that I did not try and like.
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