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This book is paclg book coverked with yummy delicious smoothies. The book comes with a handy introduction on how to make a delicious smoothie and the different types of ingredients that can be used. It eve has a section to help you design your own smoothie blend. If you are a trailblazer or experimenter this can be a very useful section of the book. I really like how each recipe has a guide to show you what type of smooothie you are making. You can make smoothies for weight loss, detox, inflammation, immunity, and energizing just to name a few. These quick guides make it simple to find just the right smoothie for what you want.

Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients and boosters if you would like to add them. The boosters are optional and does not have to be included. Most of the regular ingredients are simple to find in your local store. Some of the boosters on the other hand may require more than just Wal-Mart for example a health food store. Along with your ingredients list this book includes simple easy to follow directions on how to make your smoothie. At the bottom of your page you can also see the nutritional information for each blend you would like to make. This takes the guess work of how much of this and that do I get. It is right there easy to see and ready to read!
I really think I am going to enjoy using this book to make delicious smoothies! It is going to make some wonderful healthy breakfast blends and sweet treats in place of milkshakes around my home. With names like strawberry shortcake, apple pie in a glass, creamy orange c, and black forest cake there is surely something in here for everyone with many different tastes! Another big plus these recipes claim to be 100% gluten-free and vegan & paleo-friendly. Everyone should be able to find something of interest! Looking for a specific ingredient check out the helpful index in the back of the book.
I did receive this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. This review reflects my own opinion of “The Blender Girl Smoothies” by Tess Masters. I have looked through, read a few recipes, and picked out a couple that I am very ready to try! In addition being the experimenter that I am I have already came up with my own delicious concoction of mixed fruit, vanilla protein powder, chocolate almond milk, and a dab of organic honey. It was very delicious may I add!
If you would like to check out The Blender Girl Smoothies by Tess Masters please click here for an excerpt
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