Heinz Mayochup Sauce

Packet of Heinz Mayochup on card advertising the product
Have you tried Heinz Mayochup sauce? Read on to see what I thought in my full review!

I will be the first to admit that the new Heinz Mayochup sauce did not really appeal to me. I’d seen it in stores and even gone as far as picking it up to read labels. The name Mayochup just sounded like ketchup and mayo mixed to me. I likely would have never given this sauce a chance had I not received a free sample packet from PinchMe.

Sampling Heinz Mayochup Sauce

plate with corn dog and sample of Heinz Mayochup
Showing the sample on plate
sample on corn dog
Sample on corn dog
sample on plate with corn dog

One day I was having a quick lunch of corn dogs. This was the perfect time to give Mayochup a try. I used scissors to open the packet so as to get as much of the sauce out as possible. This was a product review and I wanted to give it a real chance to impress me, it was only fair. I expected mediocre as I dipped the first bite in the sauce, mainly breading. I was honestly impressed! This didn’t taste like the concoction I would mix up at all. The taste was more like a Big Mac sauce to me. It was of course not identical but that would be what I would say I was reminded of. The second bite with the bread and dog tasted just as good if not better!

Changing Opinion of Heinz Mayochup Sauce

Coupon for $1.00 off Heinz Mayochup sauce
Can’t wait to remember to use my coupon
Mayochup on Walmart shelf for $2.98
Heinz Mayochup sauce on Walmart shelf

Thanks to that sample from PinchMe my whole opinion of the Heinz Mayochup sauce had just changed. The opinion had gone from a product I would not even try to a product that I would be wanting to add to my sauce stash. I will not be replacing mayo or ketchup with Mayochup but do want to add it in addition to instead. Along with the sample of Mayochup I also received a dollar off coupon to purchase the product. I plan on using it. I would have already done so but I forgot it the last time I went to the store.

Heinz Mayochup in Closing…

Lady biting into corn dog
Enjoying Heinz Mayochup sauce

I have to give Heinz kudos for once again impressing me with another sauce. I do not know how they did it but if they mixed ketchup and mayo like I expected they mixed it creatively and changed up the flavor. When I sample a product like this I like to share it with my family and get their opinion as well. My husband declined trying it but my son liked it also. He actually mentioned it the other day. If you can get a combo of 2 out of 3 in this household you did pretty good!

Would I recommend Heinz Mayochup? I would, especially if you are like me and like mixing up your condiments or trying new things. The texture of the sauce was smooth and creamy like mayo. One packet went a long way. The sample was the size of a mayo packet you might get if you went out to eat and requested mayo. My son tried it, just a taste to see what it was like on his corn dog. I was able to eat a whole corn dog without running out, even sharing. This is impressive because I like a lot of sauce. Mayochup is easy to find at most stores where you can purchase condiments. No special trip to get it! The price of the product is competitive when compared to similar options. These benefits,the sauce performance and taste are a 5 out of 5 star for me.

Readers Time to Shine

Packet of Heinz Mayochup sauce
Actual sample I got to try

Have you tried the new Heinz Mayochup sauce yet? If so share your opinion. Not tried it yet? You can still shine by telling us if you plan to. Word of advice, don’t judge it by the name because it is deceiving! It’s not just your average mayo and ketchup mixed.

Different points of view are important and how we learn and expand our knowledge. This being said, please share yours with us in the comments below.

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