Teeth Whitening at Home with Purean

The Purean Teeth Whitening kit
The kit showing what is included

When it comes to teeth whitening I have pretty much tried it all from toothpaste to gel trays and even whitening pens. Nothing worked as well as I had hoped. When I had the opportunity to try teeth whitening at home with Purean I was hopeful but skeptical. It was a product I hadn’t tried so I decided to give it a shot. What I learned has actually surprised me!

The Teeth Whitening Purean Kit

Front of Purean whitening kit box
Front of box
Purean at home whitening kit
Purean whitening kit contents

The kit itself was very nice and appealing. The layout was very easy to navigate to find what you need. It comes with everything you need to get started whitening at home right away.

The contents included:

  • two syringes of whitening gel
  • the led light
  • a mouth piece in a retainer
  • the ends for the tubes of gel
  • batteries for the light

Getting Ready for Use

Purean light and empty mouth piece
Light with empty mouth piece
Syringe of whitening gel
the gel that works the magic
light and mouth piece with gel
Light with mouth piece with gel

The kit did not require a lot of prep work for first time use. Batteries had been put in the unit so that they light did not accidentally get turned on during shipping. The first step was to remove and reinstall the batteries so that the light would work. It was a very simple process. The back of the light was designed so that this could be done without need of any special tools. You turn a tiny knob and the back easily comes off. To put it back on press and turn the opposite direction.

The next step was to be sure the light would come on. This was done by pressing the button on the front of the light. Again very easy. Then you needed to put the mouth piece from the retainer onto the end of the light. This was probably the most challenging part of the process and it was really not that bad. Everything had to line up to slide into place properly. Last step before use fill the tray of the mouth piece with the gel. Prep work done you are ready to whiten!

Using Teeth Whitening at Home with Purean

Purean light in use
teeth whitening at home with Purean

Use was also very simple. You put the mouth piece in your mouth and hit the button to turn the light on. If any gel oozed out of the tray you needed to wipe it off your gums. I did not ever have a problem with this. The light shuts off in ten minute intervals. Directions say for best results use for 30 minutes. I was using the product every other day for 30 minutes until life got in the way.

After Use

teeth before first use with at home teeth whitening with Purean
Before first use
teeth after first use
after first use

Cleanup is as equally simple as use. After 30 minutes are up take the mouth piece off the light. Rinse the mouth piece in warm water to remove any left over gel. Store the mouth piece back in the retainer. I have actually kept the whole kit together in the box it came in. It was a sturdy box with compartments for each item. Storing everything together makes keeping up with all the parts fast and easy. I also keep the end on the gel that comes on it when not in use. I only use the open end when I need to fill the mouth piece tray. This keeps the product from spilling or leaking out.

How Were the Results

I honestly did not notice much if any change after the first use. My teeth felt clean and smooth but there were no visual changes. The second use I felt like there was small changes in the appearance of some stains. It was nothing too substantial. I would love to say that I kept using the product and now my teeth are pearly white. I however can’t say that. This was when my life got derailed and I have just not had the 30 minutes to spare. I do plan to start using the product again just as soon as things calm back down. I experienced zero teeth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening at Home with Purean in Closing…

back of Purean box
back of box

I liked this product overall. It seemed to be making small changes as soon as the second use. The taste unlike many other whitening products was not that bad. It just tasted like a minty toothpaste to me. It does have a paste like thickness that will require rinsing your mouth once you are done whitening. I felt like the price was reasonable. It was simple to purchase from Amazon and shipping was free with Prime.

The only real downside I found to the product is the batteries are not your typical AA or AAA. They are flat round batteries kind of like watch batteries only larger. These could be tedious to find when they go out. I am sure if you have the one from the unit handy it can be done though. Last do you know how hard it is for me to keep my mouth shut for 30 straight minutes! Pretty darn tough!

All jokes aside I would give this product a 5 star rating. I would recommend it to family, friends and anyone needing to whiten their teeth. I had a favorable experience so far.

Reader’s Time to Shine

pink diamond
pink diamond

What is your go to teeth whitening plan or product? Please comment below and let me know. Remember sharing knowledge is how we learn and grow so don’t be stingy and share what you know!

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