A Better Tasting Water

3 bottles of flavored smartwater
The 3 Bottles of Water I Purchased with Coupon Testing to Find a Better Tasting Water

Would meeting your water intake goals be easier if there was a better tasting water? I know for me it is a big help. I get tired of just plain old water and I am sure most of you do too. Today I am going to discuss a water that I have found that makes getting the necessary intake a whole lot easier.

Flavored Smartwater: A Better Tasting Water

I have always been a Smartwater fan. They are innovative with their products and bottle designs. They are great for people on the go and those that are not quite as busy. When I saw an end cap at Walmart for the new flavored Smartwater I knew I had to give it a try. There were four new flavors. I had planned to get only one but making a decision was tough. I then discovered a coupon where I could buy 3 and save a dollar. This would definitely be the option for me.

Meeting the New Flavors & Purchasing

3 bottles of flavored smartwater options for a better tasting water
A Better Tasting Water 3 Options

The new flavors of Smartwater included Cucumber Lime, Strawberry Blackberry, Pineapple Kiwi, and Watermelon Mint. I have to admit I was curious about each of the flavors but now that I could get 3 my problems choosing got a whole lot simpler. I quickly ruled out Cucumber Lime and put the other 3 in my shopping cart along with the coupon.

A Better Tasting Water: Which Order to Try Them

When I purchased the 3 smartwaters I was not sure which would be my favorite. I liked Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Kiwi and in some instances Blackberry and Mint. I figured that the Pineapple Kiwi would win out since it had two flavors that I enjoy. The next dilemma was deciding which to try first. Should I start with the one I expected to like the most, the least, or the one in the middle?

The decision was made and I tried the one that I thought would be my least favorite, Watermelon Mint. I had decided the water would probably taste mostly mint because mint is stronger than watermelon. Next I would try the Pineapple Kiwi, my favorite in thought. Last would be Strawberry Blackberry, right in the middle.

Correct or Incorrect Assumptions for a Better Tasting Water

Bottle of Watermelon Mint Smartwater
Watermelon Mint Flavored Smartwater

I must be honest, my assumptions were not entirely correct. In fact the order of my favorite to least favorite completely changed. First, I will say that each of the waters had their own unique blend to the flavoring. None were overpowering and the flavors were all pretty light. Despite the lightness of the flavor they blended well and did improve the taste from just plain old water. There was no sparkle or carbonation, which I prefer for my water. If you are more of a sparkling water fan these waters may not be the best choice for you. I found most of the waters to be very easy to drink. Only one gave me a slight challenge and became my least favorite on the list. Let’s take a look and see how the flavors stacked up after the taste test. Care to guess, drop them in the comments below.

Stacking Up Favorite to Least Favorite

Upon tasting the waters the flavors of choice switched around. I was incorrect that the Pineapple Kiwi would be my favorite. Turns out the Watermelon Mint that I thought would probably be the worst choice was my new favorite choice. The watermelon did not overpower the mint. In fact, I tasted more watermelon than mint. This combination surprised me and has become my favorite choice for water when I am out shopping.

Next I decided to go for the Pineapple Kiwi. I had thought it would be my favorite. Turns out this one fell to second fiddle. The flavor was good but not as good as I had expected. I wanted more of a pineapple pop than I was getting. Though the water was good and the flavor mix ok, I was not overly impressed.

Last was the Strawberry Blackberry. I have to admit this one was the hardest for me to drink. It was not at all what I had hoped for and the flavor combo was not as smooth as the others for me. The water seemed to have a bit of a bitter bite for me. It was not strong as like sour just not entirely good. Neither flavor was overpowering of the other but maybe it was just to much berry. Either way I took much longer to finish the Strawberry Blackberry than I had either of the other two flavors. Definately not my favorite nor even my second choice. It landed in last place and I have not purchased it since.

A Better Tasting Water in Closing…

Bottle of Pineapple Kiwi Smartwater a Better Tasting water
Pineapple Kiwi Smartwater
Bottle of Strawberry Blackberry Smartwater
Strawberry Blackberry Smartwater

If you are in the mood to switch up your water then Smatwater can offer a better tasting water. The flavors spice up just plain water and does it without adding calories or sugars. The flavor combos just might shock you when voting for a best. They did me at least.

The bottles are fairly large and are priced at Walmart at $1.34 per bottle. This seems realistic to me in comparison to other water brands and sizes. Overall I liked the product. I have since bought a few of the Watermelon Mint flavor. Fear that the Cucumber Lime will be awful has kept me from trying it. Knowing that the flavors can be shocking, I really do need to give it a chance. I’ve just had some bad experiences with cucumber in water. I do not intend to buy the Strawberry Blackberry anymore. It was just too much effort to drink the whole bottle.

I like smooth, good flavor that goes down easy. I try to drink half my body weight in water each day. Very few days do I accomplish that but I still need as much water as possible in my system. By the way did you know that is the new recommendation for water intake? Half your body weight in ounces of water.

Reader’s Time to Shine

Pink Diamond
We Each Learn and Grow by Sharing What We Know” So Shine Bright Readers

Have you tried any of the new Smartwater flavors? If so which is your favorite? Also did you know about that new water recommendation of half your body weight in ounces of water per day? Will you be considering trying the new recommendation and if so will Smartwater be an option for you to meet your goals? Why or why not. Please join in the conversation by leaving your comments below. Remember we each learn and grow by sharing what we know.

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